Hike Log

#Sunday FunD ay


Peralta Trail

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

Nice Sunday Morning Hike.

Not sure if Picacho Peak desensitized me (still haven’t done Flatiron) or it was a change of pace. Once again we hit the trail early in the morning to make it before it gets nice and toasty. Getting there around 7:15a was just perfect to avoid hot temperatures and getting a good parking spot near the trail head!

On this trip I decided to switch some gear, from a runners hydration pack to a 3L pack! It was nice to have the water upgrade, taking some trekking poles as well. Overall the hike went very uneventful, not much traffic on the way towards the saddle and being covered by the shade was great.

On the saddle the view of Weaver’ Needle was incredible. Once there, we started talking to a fellow hiker who suggested to make our way to the “Lone Pine”. He was extremely helpful in pointing the way to the Lone Pine. Much appreciated we grabbed our belongings and made our way to the Lone Pine. The view here was amazing, even if it was slighter closer to the Weaver’s Needle. There we rested and took nature in.

Another fellow hiker was talking about her experience with Flatiron and it was enough to get us scared and/or motivated. In retrospect I would imagine there are no two hikes that are the same. Each hike has its own flavor, in addition with the people you might encounter on it.

I digress, once making our way back to the parking spot, and light conversation we made back in no time. Once at the trail head, we struck a conversation with one of the rangers that just made me appreciate them even more with even respect.


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