Hike Log

Sunset Hike


Peralta Trail 102

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road recommended for high clearance only


Bugs were an annoyance


Snow free

Hike 2 of 2 this day.  The end of an awesome 6-Pack of Peaks Winter Challenge.  We enjoyed a nice drive up from Tucson (Wasson Peak) to get to the Superstition Wilderness.  We did not expect the natural road conditions to the Peralta Trailhead.  So, a vehicle for off-road would be ideal.  Someone did drive a Dodge Challenger to the trailhead, I don’t know how, but it’s possible for a regular car.

Thankfully, this was an evening hike.  Hiking the beginning of Peralta Trail involves lots of brush to traverse through, and bouncing back and forth over the wash, until you reach near the saddle.  Parts of the lower portion of the trail are clear of brush, to give you some relief.  I’d imagine, like Wilson in Sedona, being in that brush/canyon area would be humid during the day.

Be sure to look behind you, as you progress Peralta Trail.  You will be amazed at the views you begin to see.  Near the top of the trail, about a quarter mile from Fremont Saddle, is a large rock wall with a small cave/den at the bottom of it.  It was evening time, and we wanted to see Weaver’s Needle before sunset, otherwise, I would have explored that area.  The final quarter mile of the hike is rather level, with some areas that might be a bit slippery.  Once you reach Fremont Saddle, you have an incredible view of Weaver’s Needle, framed by the surrounding Superstition Wilderness.  A lone tree will be to the right of Weaver’s that you can hike to.  Given the sun setting, we briefly enjoyed the view, missed the magic moment of sunset, and made our wary back down.  Headlamps being our guide, we fought off moths and bugs all the way down that were attracted to the lights.

Definitely, a hike I would do again.  As well as exploring more of the Superstition Wilderness and, hopefully, find that Dutchman’s gold!!











































































































































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