T2C: Tram to the Clouds

Peak SummitedMount San Jacinto
TrailheadFrom the Palm Springs Tram
GroupHappy Hikers SCV

Tips from your friendly ambassador:
1. Get to the tram around 7 am to get in line and get the tickets for the 8 am tram.
2. It is cold when you get to top of the tram. Make sure to layer.
3. Fill out the day hiking permit when you get to the ranger station.

We had 11 people in our group today. We all got there early to buy our tickets. It wasn't very crowded for
the holiday weekend. It was 41 degrees at the top of the tram, but throughout the hike it got warmer and
windy in some parts where there are not trees around. We all made it up to the peak and got back down to the tram safely. It was a beautiful day to hike this peak and the clouds were amazing! Love this hike from the tram and a great hike to start off our 6 peaks in 6 weeks!


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  1. Have some pride–the tram should only be involved half the time if you are going to deem it a “challenge”.

    1. As the third time doing this from the tram, I do have pride for going this way. I have people who are new to this challenge and this was a great peak to start with. This is a great and challenging trail to help train to do the mileage and elevation of the other peaks. The tram is also part of the A16 challenge also which people complete 3 peaks in 24 hours and the only way to complete 3 peaks in 24 hours is to use the tram. The great thing about this 6 peak challenge, is it allows for different trails to the peaks because it will challenge everyone in different ways and you don’t have to do the same trail every year.