Tarantula Peak

Peak SummitedMount Diablo
TrailheadMitchell Canyon

I started at Mitchell canyon and it turn out that I missed the left to eagle peak trail. I continued hiking up a fire road for about three miles and realized that I was doing this trail wrong. I had came to far though so I decided that I'm just gonna keep going. It was pretty damn steep and I was alone for the most part. Thank god that I got some help from people to make it up to mount diablo. I remember I did not bring enough food and when I got to the top they had a store that had ice cream, which was the most rewarding thing ever! I stayed at the top for awhile and it was an amazing view! Someone reported that there was a HUGE tarantula they saw and on my way back down I was keeping my eyes peeled for one. I went down the same way for about 3 miles and I came upon a fork in the trail. I decided I wanted to take eagle trail back, to gain the full experience and not go down the same way I came up. I was completely alone and swear I heard tarantulas crawling all ion the bushes. Really happy I took that way down because it was BEAUTIFUL and so peaceful. This whole hike alone took me around 6-7 hours. It was exhausting but was such an epic journey!

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