That was some Bergen!

Peak SummitedBergen Peak
TrailheadElk Meadow Park Trailhead

Parking was easy to find! Bathroom right before the trek! Started at Elk Meadow Park Trail head straight from the parking lot. And about a quarter-mile in I headed up Meadow view Trail. The whole hike had a clearly marked trail you don’t have to guess where you’re going. All the trails have very easy to read signs as to which way to veer. Most organized trail system I’ve ever hiked. Followed that up a few miles and then hit Bergen Peak Trail for the last mile. It was tiring for sure. Not for the faint of heart. I was sweatin and I was huffing. Highly trafficked I saw bikers, hikers, and doggies almost the whole time. Got to the tip top and had lunch on the rocks. Don’t forget to look around for the sign u have to follow some rocks off to the left in a few feet you’ll see a structure it’s just passed there. I decided to switch up the scenery though. I took Bergen trail down for the mile and at the switch point with signs I took Too Long trail. I was not disappointed. Tired but it was a beautifullllll landscape all the way down. Less steep than the ascent but longer distance. Came to a different meet up point of Meadow View and cut right through a literal meadow! No wildlife which was a bummer but just beautiful greenery. Took that for a few miles and met back at the bathrooms and off home I went. All in all it was 4.7 miles up and my route was 5.7 miles down for a total of 10.4. Whichever route you take I’d give yourself a solid 5 hours. Took me 5.5 but I stopped twice for a short break and about 30mins at the top. I wasn’t rushing but I wasn’t moseying either. Definately a challenge but definately worth it. Evergreen, CO is just gorgeous. Happy hiking!


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  1. Birthday! And I’m quite intimidated!! I’m not sure if I’m intuitive enough to go off trail and find my way up ? I panic as if I’m getting myself lost. So we’ll see! Pushing for sometime in July.