The Big Pile of Rock

Peak SummitedMount Washington
TrailheadCrawford Path
Grouphiked with Cinspoon

What an epic trip to close out the six pack of peaks challenge by climbing from Crawford Notch to the summit of Mt Washington via the oldest trail in our nation The Crawford Path. The trip included 5 peaks (southern presidential range) and 16 miles of beautiful trails. My home state has some breathtaking views to say the least. We started our journey early morning when the temperature was a brisk 35 degrees and it never warmed. Luckily the winds were only at a gentle breeze, which to say that in the same sentence as Mt Washington is not an easy task considering Mt Washington has the highest wind speeds ever recorded. Once we reached our first summit we saw clear skies all the way to Mt Washington, we couldn’t ask for more than that. Once we reached the summit of the big pile of rock there were a lot of people there, most traveled up either by driving or as my 2 year old son did, via the Cog railway. It was great to share the moment with my son to not only finishing this challenge but finishing the AMC NH 48 4000 footers on the same day!! We ate lunch at the café (pizza, hotdogs, soup, sweets…), took our summit pictures, said our goodbyes to the others that joined us at the summit and started our journey down. We descended via the Jewell trail which seemed like the longest trail ever hiked after the epic trek up to Mt Washington; however we finished just before night time with smiles on our faces.


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