The Humming Bird’s Mountain

Peak SummitedMount Umunhum
TrailheadBaldy Mountain parking area

This hike was so enjoyable!
I couldn't sleep the night prior to this hike, so I ended up leaving home at around 5.30 and starting the hike really early, just after the sun came up. It was awesome; there were no people whatsoever on the trail on my way up beside two trail runners, the air was cool and it was a pleasure to hike to the top!
I don't have as detailed written description as for Mission Peak and Mt Diablo but I made a video from this hike so if you're interested, it's here. 🙂


  1. meangela010

    Thank you for posting this, it looks like a very nice hike 🙂 I’m looking forward to knocking it out next month!

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