The Long and Winding Road to San Bernardino Peak

Peak SummitedSan Bernardino Peak
TrailheadAngelus Oaks
GroupGirls Who Hike LA

This was by far one of the most challenging peaks to climb and not because of the terrain per say, but because of the weather and the distance. I've never been so challenged in my life. I truly wanted to quit within a mile of the peak. I was just so beat from the sun. It had to be in the mid to high 80s and the rocks just eminated the heat. The surrounding terrain of the this trail was absolutely beautiful. On a cooler day, I probably would have said this would be my favorite trail, but on this day it wasn't. I didn't struggle so much with the climb. I feel like the trail is actually very doable but the distance is quite a challenge. This is the longest trail I had ever done. It really did challenge me in a way I had not previously experienced. I genuinely wanted to quit. I was at the back of the pack behind everyone else the entire time up and out. I wanted to give up. I seriously kept asking God to get me to the top. Hiking seriously got spiritual! When I finally summited, it was glorious. The trek out from the summit was equally as hard. My feet were tired and sore and I was just so exhausted. We spent hardly any time on the peak because we were concerned about exiting before sun down. It was a good decision but a tiring one nonetheless. I had to hike out of San Jacinto in the dark and I don't care to do that again. We got back to the car at 6:50 pm. Not bad for a turtle hiker starting at 5:00 AM. I'll definitely never forget this trail or the great conversations I had with some people I had never talked to before. Company really is key to motivation when struggling to keep to going. I'm very thankful for this group of great women who kept encouraging me when I needed it the most and for not leaving me behind. I really feel like this hike made us a wolf pack of strong supportive women. And now we're off to San Gorgonio!


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