Hike Log

The San Gorgonio Adventure


Vivian Creek

Trail Conditions:




Hi I’m Aiden! And this is my team, Henry, Rich, Gavin, Landen, and we were joined by Landens cousin, Chris. We got to the trail after and hours long drive. We got out of the car and we set off on to the trail. It was steep until we got to the wilderness sign, and we stoped there to get a photo and to have a snack, after that we set off into the wilderness. We hiked a good three hours until we got to camp. When we got to camp we set up are tents, made dinner, and went to bed. The next day, we got up, packed our bags and set off for the peak. It was steep until we got to the top of the saddle. It had a rock that was on the edge of a cliff! We stoped there to get some photos on the rock an to get a snack. After that, we hiked two hours to the peak and had non-alcoholic ginger beer. We just hiked the tallest mountain in Sothern California! We had to get back to camp because it was getting dark. So we got on the trail and hiked three hours until we got to camp. Once we got to camp, we made dinner and went to bed. The next morning we got up ate breakfast, packed our bags, and set off to the car. We hiked three hours to the car and went home.


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