Hike Log

The toughest climb-Sitton Peak


Bear canyon trail

Trail Conditions:




We started early in the morning, the weather was cool and the sun wasn't quite out. I thought ok, we will beat the heat. The hike to four corners was nothin eventful, I had done this hike many times before. I had plenty of energy and was pleasantly surprised how easy and quickly I was hiking. Then, the sun came out and the temperature spiked. It was about 90 degrees by the time we got to the Sitton Peak trail. The sun was beating down on me and I started to lose my appetite. We stopped for a break, ate a little, checked my water coffers and moved on. Here's when the fun (not in a haha way) started. I has heard the final ascent was brutal and it was! I felt like giving up-I can handle one challenge, a hefty climb…but add the searing heat to that and I was breaking down quickly. 10 steps, stop, 10 steps, stop. I wanted to cry, but i also wanted to get to the top. 10 steps x2 equals 20, then 30, then 40 and little by little, I made it. Determination, strength, faith and a lot of sweat…and I made it. Yoooo!!


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