The Wizarding World of Mount Greylock

Peak SummitedMount Greylock
TrailheadAppalachian Trail

This hike was an important one for me for a few reasons: One being that back at the end of April, some friends of mine and I tried to summit with our dogs but were unable to because of the amount of snow at the top. We mad it about a 3rd of the way before we decided to head back and not risk hurting ourselves. I told myself that I WOULD get to the top of Mount Greylock this summer. Secondly, being a long term resident of Western Mass, I was a little ashamed that I had yet to summit the highest peak in the state. I only live about an hour away from it. Thirdly, being a fan of Harry Potter I was excited to hike it because the American Hogwarts, Ilvermorny.
There are many great trails to take to the summit, we took the Appalachian south bound from the reservoir. We chose this way because it was the way I had started back in the spring but was unable to complete. The hike was for the most part easy, in the very beginning there is a good bit of up hill and elevation gain. Once we got to the top there are some amazing views all around you, no matter where you look there is some amazing view to see. It may not be the biggest peak on this list, but boy does it have a lot to offer


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  1. It’s always a great feeling to check a high point of your list, especially for the state you live in! 😉