Peak SummitedMount Katahdin
TrailheadChimney Pond> Hamlin Ridge> NW Basin Trail> Saddle

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! Mount Katahdin was definitely a challenge! My mom and I drove up yesterday and camped overnight at a local campground. We got up really early in the morning because we know today would be a long day, but also we knew there was a risk of isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon (what else is new?). We had amazing views as we hiked up Hamelin but by the time we're got to Baxter park we got fogged in. As we made our way down Saddle Trail we started to hear distant thunder and continued our a way down. We ended up having to hunker down for 15 minutes during a quick but strong thunderstorm. We managed to stay mostly dry. We were joined by 3 really nice and soaked hikers as we made our way back to the car. This will certainly be a hike I'll talk about for a long time!
Doing this challenge has been a fantastic experience. I have seen some amazing places and got to spend time with my mom. We had our moments of frustration and celebration. We were treated to some one of a kind views. I have a greater appreciation for the land around me. But most importantly, I learned that a family that hiked together, eats victory pizza together!
P.S. tomorrow is my mother's birthday. Not a bad birthday present 😉


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  1. Congratulations Ladies!!! You guys Rock! Katahdin was our first hike of this Challenge and I will say it has been the toughest I have ever done…and I have done alot of tough hikes in the past ( at least I thought they were until now). LOL My husband and I have two more hikes to go and then we can have our Victory Pizza too!! Hike on and hope to see you guys at the Finishers Party 🙂
    Judy L.