Up and onto the hump!

Peak SummitedCamel's Hump
TrailheadBurrows Trail

Camel's Hump wasn't too bad, however any hike after my Kahtadin hike is like a cake walk 🙂 The day's weather was HOT AND HUMID!!! We drove 3 hours to get to the trailhead and proceeded to hike in 90 degree weather. The trail is in the woods for 95% of the time with very little breeze if any at all so when we did reach higher ground and felt a slight breeze from time to time it was very refreshing. Near the summit it opens up to a ridgeline that brings you out into the open air with a welcoming fresh wind. The summit was socked in with clouds so we were not able to enjoy the beautiful views that I'm sure are up there but all in all I'm glad we made the climb. There was a hut maintainer on the top whose job was to keep count on how many hikers passed through during the day and maintain the nearby hut called the Montclair Glen Lodge for hikers who are hiking the Long Trail.


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