Weekend Getaway

Peak SummitedMission Peak
TrailheadStafford Avenue Trailhead
GroupJust my dog Bailey

I got to the trailhead at around 8am with my dog Bailey. She is a German Shepard/Husky mix at three years old that loves to adventure with me. There is a lot of people but the trail itself is very wide so you don't feel to crammed. I usually don't like when there is a lot of people but everyone was really friendly and I for once actually enjoyed the company. I found that the photos don't show how beautiful this hike really is. Especially going in the morning when everything looks so sharp and crisp. The trail is very easy to navigate, you basically just follow everyone else. If you are going to bring your dog bring LOTS OF WATER! It was pretty hot out there and there is basically no shade. Luckily I brought a huge towel to make a shaded spot for my dog because I could tell she was getting hot. One thing I forgot to bring was sunscreen, which is probably the most important thing you can bring on this trail. But luckily, I found some friendly people who were willing to share theres with me. So far I have only done two trails, this one and the mount tamalpais trail. Surprisingly I found this one harder. This one is only 7 miles, compared to mount tamalpais which is roughly 14 miles. They both have about the same elevation gain too. I think the reason I found this one tougher is because this was straight uphill with no straightaways. Also mount tamalpais I did it with a group of people and we definitely took our time, plus there was a lot of shade. When I got to the top I was amazed how much I could see. It was really fun trying to map out where everything is. I actually found mt. tam!. I really enjoyed this hike and getting to the top was well worth it:)


  1. tony_powers Post author

    I also forgot to mention I ran into 2 other six pack of peak contenders on my way up the trail!!!!

  2. Tony Powers

    Not sure I’m debating between mt. Umunhum and mt. Diablo in 2 weeks.

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