Who is more excited this is my 6th?!

Peak SummitedSan Gorgonio
TrailheadVivian Creek

I was so glad to have this be the last of my peaks. I've been having such issues with my altitude sickness that my body is getting more tired. The Diamoxx has been of no help during my hikes at this high altitude. The weather was extremely hot and it didn't help with my sickness. It was a really tough trail for me and very long. I was extremely nauseous at the end so I rested when I got to the top and I was nauseous all the way back down. It was a big relief to be done but my body was exhausted. I gave myself a goal last year of finishing the 6 Pack Peaks and I did it. Even though it has been the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, I was able to push through it all and finish each peak. I'm excited that I set a goal for myself and I completed it even with all of the challenges that were presented to me that I have never encountered before. 6 Pack of Peaks, Out!

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