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I grew up on top of a mountain in Mariposa, CA in the foothills surrounding Yosemite National Park. My childhood on my family's farm was one big hike. My dog and myself would journey out and explore the land.

I've always had a love of hiking and the great outdoors from my parents influence. My mother was/is a graphic amateur photographer and we as a family would do all sorts of camp outs and annual trips to Lake Tahoe to ski.

After moving to the SoCal area after graduating college, my heart screamed for the mountains. It wasn't until about 10years after living here did I really get the gumption to get out and hike again. I haven't looked back.

My yearly goal is hitting a minimum of 100 hikes. Its the beginning of July 2020 and I'm already at 77hikes.

Photography is my passion and my profession. I'm a product photographer/catalog designer for a branck of adidas.


Canyon Country


March 15, 1979


Current balance268
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