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I have been a walker for years and have done 6 marathons and several half-marathons. I have hiked my local hills in PV for the past 10 years, but never seriously, and often only in preparation for an upcoming marathon. I have never considered myself a hiker. Covid lockdown got me interested in hiking and I stumbled upon this group's FB page. I was interested in chasing waterfalls and met a hiker while hiking Black Star Canyon Trail who mentioned the 6-peak challenge. I planned my next hike to Sturtevant Falls, again chasing waterfalls, when the night before I decided to hike Mt Wilson. Of course it was a horrible physical experience, but mentally I was hooked. I have always loved the outdoors and loved the freedom that it brings. Now, my goal is to do as many peaks as I can and to also learn survival skills. Not sure where all of this is bringing me but I love being part of this community and it seems like there is always something to learn on every trail.


Rancho Palos Verdes


August 26, 1962


Current balance237
2020 Mount Baldy2020 Ontario Peak2020 Mount Baden-Powell2020 Sitton Peak2020 Mount Wilson2020 Mount San Jacinto2020 SoCal Finisher