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Lisa Moore

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I have always had a passion for hiking. Though it wasn’t until recently that my passion for hiking has really gone to a whole new level. In November of 2018 I hiked Flatiron with my dear friend Angela. I had been working out at Jabz Boxing and at the same time finding myself and bettering myself, physically, emotionally and mentally. This hike instilled something in me that I never want to lose. I spent April 2019 to current time, to hike whenever possible and to search out those tough hikes that make you question every crazy decision you had as to why you wanted to do that trail. Never Give Up.. unless your life of course is in danger. When the path isn’t clear, when the sky seems foggy.. keep forging through. Life experiences have taken me through the toughest times and I take the strength I gained from them and throw it into my hiking. I prove to myself every single time that “I can!” We spend part of our lives trying to find our place.. my place is being the best mom I can be to my daughter Zoey, a dependable hard worker and spending my free time being free on the mountains and out in nature. Keep hiking my fellow hikers.. life is truly amazing!!




September 26, 1982


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