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Hiking is something I have always had a passion for both locally and internationally. I have traveled to Colombia, Iceland, Ecuador, and China. I enjoy taking in the hot springs, like those in Iceland, or reaching high peaks. I began training locally, with a friend, Justin Williams, on Mt. Baldy, San Gorgonio, and San Jacinto, and have completed Cactus to Clouds. Together we have gone on crazy bushwhacking adventures in the North Etiwanda Preserve and he introduced me to many of his friends (e.g. TRVRS Apparel, 3H, 213 Hikers, Mountain Humpers and a lot more) in the local hiking community as well as many of his passions in hiking. I enjoyed these challenges and traveled to ever higher peaks in Ecuador and Colombia. I enjoyed going up the mountains with the hiking tours and guides and envisioned doing the same with a hiking group of my own. In 2018, HikeRevolution was co-created by myself and Justin to fulfill this desire. HikeRevolution emphasizes changing the way we hike to include positive social change and clean environmental practices, trail maintenance and clean up, healthy lifestyles and diet, and anything else that a hiker would consider personally revolutionary in their path through hiking and life. We look forward to meeting you on the trails and HikeRevolution welcomes you!




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