• David L posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    I am new to this site. Is this So Cal Hiker.net? I signed up for the challenge but am completely lost on these sites. What is going on? What web address should i bookmark to get acsess to the challenge and logging hikes? how do you log hikes? Where is the members only area?

    • Hi David! This is SocialHiker.net (not SoCALhiker.net).

      This year, all the hike logs and the challengers-area is here on this site, socialhiker.net. In the past, they were on the OTHER site (socalhiker.net). We have trail guides and reviews on SoCalHiker.net and that won't change, but your profile, the hike logs and challenger area will be here on this site. It's a change we made for 2018. Since the challenge has expanded to Colorado and Oregon (and soon, NorCal and PNW), we needed a site that wasn't specific to Southern California. Hence, SocialHiker.

      You will primarily use this site through the course of the challenge, though you might use SoCalHiker if you want to look up guides for specific trails. The hiking log form goes “live” on January 1st — the earliest date you can log a hike for the 2018 challenge.

      Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.