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Shauna Matheny




I got into backpacking in 2014 when my younger sister decided to join me on week of camping in the mountains.  She knows Yosemite (I had never been) and said she would handle the plans for that part of our trip.  Little did I know that meant backpacking.  She borrowed a backpack for me, had the stove, etc.  I had a 6 ft. tent, not the right type of clothes/shoes and the type of food you take car camping.  It was a 1.2 mile hike from the parking lot to our campsite.  I looked ridiculous!  People would stop and ask to take a picture of me or with me. Luckily my sister picked a campsite with bear lockers. It was a tough hike carrying nearly 70 pounds!!  But I did it. The next day my sister took me on a “little hike”. We hiked Mt. Hoffman – all 10,850 ft. of it!! I was hooked that very day!  🙂


San Diego, California


March 20, 1957


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