Grays Peak Benchmark


PLACE NAME: Grays Peak
ELEVATION: 14,272 ft.
COORDINATES: N39° 38′ 02” W105° 49′ 01”
LOCATION: Front Range, Colorado, USA

At 14,272 feet, Grays Peak is 9th highest of the Colorado 14ers. It is somewhat higher than it's “twin,” Torreys Peak. Due to the proximity to Denver and the easy nature of the climb, Grays and Torreys are often climbed in the same day. For many, it is a first climb and the beginning of a quest to climb all of Colorado's peaks over 14,000 feet. Grays Peak is also part of the Colorado Rockies Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge.
Charles C. Parry, botanist, named the peaks after his distinguished colleagues, Asa Gray and John Torrey.

Note: The actual mark at the summit of Grays Peak is missing. This medallion is representative of marks found on high peaks.

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  • 3 1/4 inch diameter
  • Cast in fine pewter
  • Felt backing
  • With soft fleece pouch
  • In clear-vinyl covered box

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Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × .675 in


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