Camel’s Hump Hike Logs

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Hop on the Camel's Hump

Peak SummitedCamel's HumpTrailheadBurrows TrailCamel’s Hump is the third highest mountain in Vermont. There are a few trails that can take you to the summit. I decided to make a loop hike so I took following trails Burrows Trail and Long Trail South to the summit, Long Trail South, Forest City Trail and Connector Trail to […]
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Double Header Day 2: Over the Hump

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Monroe trail> Dean's Trail> Long Trail Officially over the halfway point! Camels Hump is certainly not a mountain to miss! This mountain has some amazing views and lovely scenic trails. The thing that the mountain is best known for is the plane crash that happened back in 1944. Some parts […]
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A Crash and a Crash

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Monroe Trail This was actually day two. I mixed up my dates. Another beautiful, blue sky day with temps in the 70's and time to summitpeak for. The first part of our day was pretty easy hiking and we were lulled as we hike MonroeTrail to Dean Trail. It was […]
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Spectacular Camels Hump

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Monroe Trail Group RalphP Saturday was a much better day weather wise which is why we chose to hike Camels Hump on Saturday instead of Friday. (We only had this weekend to do both hikes) we could not have had a more perfect day. It was a nice trail that […]
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The View

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Monroe Group hiked with Cinspoon Camel’s Hump, known for its views and well, it didn’t disappoint. It was a beautiful clear day when we trekked this beauty, a day where you want nothing but to be out adventuring. And there’s no better day to trek a mountain where you could […]
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Camel’s Hump

Peak Summited Select a peak Trailhead Munroe Awesome hike. Good challenge for first hike of the season! Users who liked this:
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Green paradise Vermont!

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Burrow’s trail Group Jeff C 06/22/2018 – New England Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge #hike 4/6 (Camel’s Hump)! It’s a hike and another sunset!! Users who liked this:
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Hump day!

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Burrows Group Steph Loved the scramble and the descent was easy on the feet.
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Two down, four to go!

Peak Summited Camel's Hump Trailhead Long Trail Loop No rain but periodic cloud cover throughout the day. The trail is incredibly well maintained. Extremely high winds at the summit with gusts exceeding 50mph but . Visibility was somewhat limited but still allowed for incredible views of Lake Champain, Canada, and nearby Mt Mansfield. One of […]
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