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The 6th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge™ is a self-paced hiking and trail running challenge up six iconic Bay Area mountains.

You choose whether you want to complete them in six days, six weeks, or take the entire year. Set the schedule that works best for you.

You can climb them in order as you build your strength and endurance, or mix it up. The choice is yours. Your registration will help support Big City Mountaineers, so you'll be doing good for others with each peak you climb

Overview Map of the San Francisco Bay Area Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

The Peaks of the Bay Area Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

MOUNT UMUNHUM – Elevation 3,486′ (1,063 m)

The peak was long off limits, but after a major cleanup operation removed almost all of an abandoned air force station, it was opened to the public in 2017. The hike uses a purpose-built singletrack trail that switchbacks up to the summit.

Suggested Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Mount Umunhum
Distance: 7.4 miles; Vertical +/- 1,150 ft.

MOUNT SAINT HELENA – Elevation 4,341′ (1,323 m)

This 4,341′ peak in the Mayacamas mountains is the tallest in the NorCal Six-Pack, and one of the few mountains in the Bay Area to actually receive snowfall in the winter.

Suggested Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Mount Saint Helena
Distance: 10 miles; Vertical +/- 2,100 ft.

MOUNT DIABLO – Elevation 3,849′ (1,173 m)

This summit provides some of the best views in the Bay Area. On a clear day, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and even the Farallon Islands beyond. To the east, the Sierra Nevada Range. There is a line-of-sight with the summit of Half Dome in Yosemite.

Suggested Six-Pack route: Hiking Mount Diablo via Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center
Distance: 13.2 miles; Vertical +/- 3,274 ft.

MOUNT TAMALPAIS – Elevation 2,572′ (784 m)

This loop trail from Stinson Beach to the summit of Mt Tamalpais is a good choice for a summer hike since it can start in a cool morning fog along the coast. After hiking 8 miles and over 3000 vertical feet, you'll find yourself on the summit of a mountain with a fire lookout tower.

The Steep Ravine Trail is temporary closed due to bridge repairs and maintenance. You can still use the Matt Davis Trail as an out-and-back to summit Mount Tamalpais.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Mount Tamalpais
Distance: 15 miles; Vertical +/- 3,200 feet

MOUNT SIZER – Elevation 3,215′ (980 m)

This hike steeply climbs and descends several ridges. Mount Sizer is the high point in the park along Blue Ridge. This loop is a clockwise loop from park headquarters that ascends “The Shortcut”– often cited as the steepest trail in the Bay Area. Includes an optional side trip to Jackass Peak.

Six-Pack Route Details: Mount Sizer and Jackass Peak
Distance: 14.9 miles; Vertical +/- 4,400 ft.

ROSE PEAK – Elevation 3,817′ (1,163 m)

This hike through the Ohlone Wilderness travels rugged terrain and rolling green hills, with an optional detour to seasonal Murietta Falls.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Rose Peak
Distance: 20.2 miles; Vertical +/- 4,500 ft.

Alternate Peaks

You can swap out any of the six peaks above with alternate peaks.

Berryessa Peak

BERRYESSA PEAK – Elevation 3,041′ (927 m)

New for 2023, this trail takes you up to a summit with views of Berryessa Lake, Mt Tam, Diablo and St Helena. On a really clear day, you might even see Mount Shasta.

Six-Pack Route Details: Berryessa Peak Trail
Distance: 14.7 miles; Vertical +/- 3,507 ft.

MISSION PEAK – Elevation 2,517′ (767 m)

At 2,517 feet, Mission Peak towers over the southern arm of the San Franciso Bay. It offers a 360-degree panorama that extends from San Jose to Mount Tamalpais. On a clear day, you can even see the Sierra Nevada range to the east.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking to Mission Peak
Distance: 6.2 miles; Vertical +/- 1,992 ft.

BLACK MOUNTAIN – Elevation 2,812′ (857 m)

At 2,812 feet, Black Mountain looms large, way up, and behind, the smaller hills to the west of Highway 280 in Silicon Valley. On a clear day you can see the Pacific Ocean, as well as San Francisco, and the entire Silicon Valley at your feet. You can also gaze at some of the other peaks in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, including Mount Diablo, Mount Umunhum, and Mission Peak.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Black Mountain
Distance: 11.5 miles; Vertical +/- 2,800 ft.

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