30 Days of Microadventure Challenge

The 30 Days of Microadventure Challenge pushes you to explore your own neck of the woods this August. Log your adventures each day and earn badges, enter a photo competition, and get entered into a raffle for great prizes. 

A microadventure can be anything from walking your dog on a new trail to summiting Mount Whitney. Get out of your comfort zone and flex your adventure muscles. 

Start logging your adventures to enter the raffle and work your way up the leaderboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a microadventure?
A microadventure can be anything that you make it. Waking up for the sunrise, taking your dog for a walk on a new trail, swimming in a lake, or climbing the local high point for sunset all count as microadventures. Check out our introduction for more ideas.

Why do I need to log my adventures everyday?
We want these adventures to be fresh on your mind when you log them. A great thing about most microadventures is that they can be completed within a day while still getting you outside. If you go on a longer adventure that takes you away from service for days on end we will not be able to count your missed days for this challenge. It was probably well worth it for the adventure!

How do I record my adventure?
You will need to log your adventure the day it was completed to get credit for your microadventure. Complete this short form to get credit for each days microadventure adventure.

Why do all types of adventure count the same? 
We count all adventures the same because the goal is for every individual to push their limits, wherever those limits are.

I am having trouble logging my microadventure. What should I do? 
Please contact us through our support portal and we will help with any problems.

Adventure Logs

Earn the bronze badge for recording ten microadventures.

Earn the silver badge for recording 20 microadventures.

Earn the gold badge for recording 30 microadventures.

30 Day Microadventure Leaderboard

# Name microadventures
1 Marya 31
2 Naaman 30
3 Jill 30
4 Kathleen Murphy 30
5 Dindy 24
6 Barbara 21
7 Rachel 20
8 Lesley 14
9 Chris 10
10 Jeff 10
11 Amy Leonard 8
12 Donna Champagne 6
13 Derick 6
14 Emma 1
15 Kristin 1
You are not currently ranked on the 30 Days of Microadventures leaderboard. Log an adventure to join the leaderboard.

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