San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge™

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The San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge is a self-paced hiking and trail running challenge up six iconic San Diego County mountains, including “the hardest hike in San Diego” and the high point of San Diego County.

You choose whether you want to complete them in six days, six weeks, or take the entire year. Set the schedule that works best for you. 

You can climb them in order as you build your strength and endurance, or mix it up. The choice is yours. Your registration will help support Big City Mountaineers, so you'll be doing good for others with each peak you climb.

2021 San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Overview Map of the San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

The Peaks of the San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

2021 Volcan Mountain

VOLCAN MOUNTAIN – Elevation 5,353′ (1632 m)

This 5,353′ peak has views of a transitioning landscape, with views that extend to the Pacific Ocean and even Catalina Island on a clear day, and to Anza-Borrego and the Salton Sea to the east. It was considered as a potential site for the observatory that was eventually built on Mount Palomar, and you can still see the remains of the outpost built during the siting study. It's also home to a USPS Air Mail signal tower that dates back to the 1920's when such towers guided pilots across the country at night.

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2021 Mount Woodson

MOUNT WOODSON – Elevation 2,881′ (878m)

Better known for the side-trip to “Potato Chip Rock”, Mount Woodson is popular for a reason.

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2021 Cuyamaca

CUYAMACA PEAK – Elevation 6,512′ (1,985m)

San Diego's second highest peak, with views that on a clear day can stretch from Mexico to the Coronado Islands.

Note that the Cuyamaca Fire Road to the summit is currently closed until later this year. Scott Turner has a couple of alternate routes that remain open and get you close to the summit (link below). If you hike one of the open routes to the point where it meets the closure area, that will count as a summit. If you really want to get to the summit, obey all closures and wait until the summit has reopened.

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2021 Hot Springs Mountain

HOT SPRINGS MOUNTAIN – Elevation 6,535′ (1992m)

At 6,535′ Hot Springs Mountain is the tallest in San Diego County, making it a must-hike peak for high-pointers. It's located on the Los Coyotes Reservation, which requires a $10 entrance fee.

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2021 El Cajon Mountain

EL CAJON MOUNTAIN – Elevation 3,648′ (1112m)

At 3,648′ El Cajon Mountain is not the tallest by far, but this 11 mile trek climbs 4,000 vertical feet, making it one of the toughest in San Diego.

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2021 High Point

HIGH POINT – Elevation 6,138′ (1871m)

The highest point on Mount Palomar is 6,138′ High Point, with a strenuous 13 mile hike to match.

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Latest 2021 San Diego Hike Logs

When the challenge begins on January 1, 2021, hike logs will show up here. 

Volcan Mountain

Air mail Express

Easy hike that was not strenuous. Went up on the side trail and came down on the main trail. Would rank this as a 4

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El Cajon Mountain
Serena Ling-Robison

El Cajon Mountain

What a difficult hike!  Believe every word when you read reviews about being prepared, this hike is no joke!  The train is 11.3 miles from

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Cuyamaca Peak
Belinda Giudice

Cuy Cuyamaca

Didn’t have $10 cash so I used CC on the app, Park Pass & entered a code. The trail was great, definitely not 7.7 miles

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El Cajon Mountain
Steve Robison

El Cajon Mt

El Capitan Trail is no joke. 5.37 miles each way, 4000’ vertical and 42% slope.   It’s literally uphill each way.   This is hike

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