Pacific Northwest Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge™

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The PNW Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge brings people together around an epic goal: hike or run six iconic PNW peaks between January 1st and October 31st, have fun, and do good along the way.

You choose whether you want to complete them in six days, six weeks, or take the entire year. Set the schedule that works best for you. 

You can climb them in order as you build your strength and endurance, or mix it up. The choice is yours. Your registration will help support Big City Mountaineers, so you'll be doing good for others with each peak you climb.

2021 PNW Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Overview Map of the Pacific Northwest Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

The Peaks of the Pacific Northwest Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

2021 Mailbox Peak

MAILBOX PEAK – Elevation 4,841′ (1476 m)

Take the old trail and you'll climb over 4,000 vertical feet in less than three miles. Fortunately, there is a longer-but-kinder new trail with switchbacks. With that vertical gain, either option is a physical challenge.

Six-Pack Route Details: Mailbox Peak Loop
Distance: 8.3 miles; Vertical +/- 4,237 ft.

2021 Mount Pilchuck

MOUNT PILCHUCK – Elevation 5,341′ (1629m)

Mount Pilchuck is a very popular hiking destination in the North Cascades despite the difficult, rocky climb to the top. The historic lookout tower is part of the appeal, but the real attraction are the million-dollar views.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Mount Pilchuck
Distance: 5.5 miles; Vertical +/- 2,300 ft.

2021 Mount Ellinor

MOUNT ELLINOR – Elevation 5,952′ (1814 m)

Mount Ellinor stands nearly 6,000′ above sea level, a prominent sentinel at the south-eastern corner of the Olympic Peninsula. The trail up Mt. Ellinor has a reputation for being steep, but rewarding with terrific views.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Mount Ellinor
Distance: 6.6 miles; Vertical +/- 3,286 ft.

2021 Granite Mountain

GRANITE MOUNTAIN – Elevation 5,629′ (1716 m)

A steep climb up the south-facing slope of Granite Mountain might reward you with wild huckleberries. The views from the top are legendary – one of the reasons there is still an active fire lookout tower at the summit.

Six-Pack Route Details: Hiking Granite Mountain
Distance: 8.6 miles; Vertical +/- 3,800 ft.

2021 Camp Muir

CAMP MUIR – Elevation 10,188′ (3105 m)

Nestled between the Nisqually and Paradise Glaciers on Mount Rainier, Camp Muir is the highest point on the mountain that you can reach without a climbing permit. And you'll get some snow travel up the Muir snowfield above Paradise.

Six-Pack Route Details: Coming soon
Distance: 8.4 miles; Vertical +/- 4,696 ft.

2021 Mount Saint Helens

MOUNT SAINT HELENS – Elevation 8,363′ (2549 m)

Climbing to the top of this active stratovolcano is challenging, but won't require any technical skills, but it does require a permit, so apply early. For 2020, you can apply for a permit on March 1st.

Six-Pack Route Details: Coming soon
Distance: 10 miles; Vertical +/- 4,500 ft.

Latest 2021 Pacific Northwest Hike Logs

When challengers begin logging their hikes, the trip reports will show up here. 

Mailbox Peak
Michael Evans

Mailbox peak

It was not bad to start out in the heavy trees weather was cold. The higher we got wind started picking up, noticed the tree

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Mailbox Peak
Noel Keyes

Mailbox Peak

Took the new trail for an 11.2 mile round trip hike. The last little bit was very mentally exhausting but totally worth it to get

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Mailbox Peak
Jenessa Zaragoza

Terrifying Mailbox

Decided to take new trail up and down as old trail sounded just out of my expertise. Majorityf the way up was absolutely beautiful, enjoyed

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