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Strawberry Struggle

By David | December 9, 2018

Peak Strawberry Peak Group   Trailhead Red Box Canyon Wow! This hike is deceptive. It is on the Intermediate to hard side but really only in the last mile. The first few miles are fairly mild but that last stretch is a butt kicker! Definitely doable but its a workout!! The trail was in good […]

Rose Peak from Sunol

By Karl Doll | December 8, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group Simran, Anthony, Sam, Pavla Trailhead Sunol, via Little Yosemite Woot! This is my sixth of six, and my longest hike in about 10 years! The weather was great, and so were the hiking companions. We entered the park at 8AM, and exited at 5:30PM. (Official closing time, in the winter is […]

SPOP Legacy Hike and Trail Maintenance

By CeCe Lorthioir | December 8, 2018

Peak Sitton Peak Group Hike Beyond The Hills Trailhead Bear Canyon TH This year was a journey for me. I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon on March 29, 2018, and didn’t think I could ever finish the SPOP. But I persevered with a goal to fully recover and hike my mountains again. After I completed an […]

The Last Peak

By David L | December 4, 2018

Peak Mount Wilson Group   Trailhead Chantry Flats Was able to get out on a weekday for this hike and stay away from the crowds. This is a beautiful hike with trees and plant life different from the other 5 peaks. This one was just as much a challenge as the rest of the peaks. […]

Strawberry Peak

By Sarah Marquez | December 2, 2018

Peak Strawberry Peak Group N/A Trailhead Redbox Canyon Did this hike with Kim and Erin. It was much shorter than the others but it was very hard because I am very out of shape. It was a very beautiful hike and not crowded at all.

Mt Baden Powell in the snow

By Digna | December 2, 2018

Peak Mount Baden Powell Group   Trailhead Vincent Gap Fun

The toughest — but views are worth it

By Anne-Marie Eileraas | December 2, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group   Trailhead Sunol Visitor's Center This is a great winter hike, when the sun is low and temperature is cool. I saw only a handful of people on the trail, all in the lower part between the trailhead and backpacker's camp. The climbs are not overly steep, but there is up-and-down […]

Dec first climb

By JeremyCD5 | December 1, 2018

Peak Piestewa Peak Group   Trailhead Piestewa Trailhead Busy trail, even at 6am. Very urban, if you like sirens and honking horns. It was a challenging climb, but short. Enjoyed it very much. Users who liked this:

Do Boy Scouts Learn Trail Etiquette?

By psarrels | December 1, 2018

Peak Fremont Saddle Group   Trailhead Peralta The weather was perfect. Cloudy and cool. The trail was rocky, but the view were beautiful. Users who liked this:

I Didn't Cry!

By Pam | November 25, 2018

Peak Picacho Peak Group Completed with my husband, Ron Jackson and logging for both of us. Trailhead Hunter Trail We started just after sunrise and it was a perfect day, sunny and about 55 degrees when we began and warmed up along the way. I was grateful to a friend who told me I would […]