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This is a list of all hike logs across all challenges for the current calendar year, in reverse chronological order.

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Strawberry peak

By Siripun | May 27, 2020

Clear sky, great view

Today I hike for potato chips not tacos

By Mountaingirl | May 27, 2020

Grateful there was not a crowd when I got to the chip. Beautiful hike beautiful scenery. Getting on the trip I was a bit anxious…

Overcoming the challenge at Mount Baldy

By Mario | May 26, 2020

I challenged Mount Baldy, 3067 meters high. The highest mountain in the greater Los Angeles area. In total, it was nine and a half hours…

Kendrick Peak Cabin and Tower

By Justin | May 26, 2020

Amazing views.

Lady Bug Lady Bug fly away home

By Paula | May 26, 2020

Lady bugs swarming starting at the cabin and to the top.  Crazy!    But trail is in great shape, perfect weather, not crowded and views…

Volcan Mountain

By Diana | May 26, 2020

I started the hike at 7:45am and I finished at 11am. Took me longer cause I like to take my time. The hike is really…

Memorial Day Cucamonga Peak

By Angelica | May 25, 2020

Beautiful memorial day hike, we stared at 5:30am. It gets hot pretty quickly. Little to no snow on the trail. The trail was pretty  nice,…

Feeling Great with Baldy at #8

By Adam | May 25, 2020

This was my first summit of the popular Mount Baldy, and we picked a great day to hike it. We got an early start and…

Memorial Day Summit

By Mark | May 25, 2020

Gorgeous day.  The bottom was a bit crowded due to the holiday but thinned out the higher we got.  So far the best views.  Challenging…

Mr. Wilson

By Nelly Orozco | May 25, 2020

definitely use bug spray but it was a beautiful day with clear views