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Check out what other challengers are doing!  This shows all the peaks logged across all challenges in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Series. You can page through them all, or filter to show just hikes from one challenge. 

2022 SoCal
Belinda Giudice

Mt. Baldy

My 4th time hiking Mt. Baldy…We Started at Manker Flat & thought we’d change it up & hike back from Register Ridge. Big mistake! The

2022 NorCal


Peak #6: #MountTamalpais is in the books! Back in 2020 we decided to do The @NorCal.SixPackofPeaks, but unfortunately had to stop due to the pandemic.

2022 SoCal
Amanda Castaneda

Windy and fun

This was a fun one! We followed the route that goes up past the ski lift loading and via devil's backbone. I enjoyed this route

2022 PNW
Elisabeth Woods

Mt. Storm King

This hike is short in distance but steep. There are ropes at the top to help make it up to the summit. There is some

2022 New England
Harrison Daniels

Mt Mansfield!

Wow, the Maple Ridge Trail on the way up was intense. Lots of rock scrambling for breakfast. We were thankful for the overcast morning to

2022 New England
Harrison Daniels

Camel's Hump!

A beautiful day in VT! Started out at an eager pace and it felt like we were asking great progress until we saw the peak

2022 SoCal

40 Switch Backs – Woot!

Another beautiful weather day. It was kind of cold at the start around 7 AM but as we moved up the mountain it was a

2022 SoCal

3rd time is the charm

Had a great hike overall. I forgot to bring sunscreen and paid the price for it. Spring is starting to run low so bring enough