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Check out what other challengers are doing!  This shows all the peaks logged across all challenges in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Series. You can page through them all, or filter to show just hikes from one challenge.  

PNW Six-Pack
Sean Donovan

Beautiful Morning at Storm King

There was snow toward the top of the trail and along the rope section. We used yaktrax in the snow, and poles on the way

Arizona Winter
David Johnston

Quartz Peak

This was a challenging hike starting with the drive to the trailhead. Truck or SUV is recommended and you might get a few scratches. This

Arizona Winter

NOT Flat…Iron

Up, up, up, and away! Gradual incline and only increased as the hike continued until we went vertical! Fun rock scrambles almost the entire time.

Arizona Winter
Casey Spragg

Good morning Camelback

Beautiful morning for a hike! Cholla Trailhead was not too busy at all, wildflowers everywhere!

Arizona Winter

NOT Flat…iron

Going up up up and away! Felt great scrambling up the rocks! Couple of choke points let to some waiting. Really fun hike that started

Arizona Winter
Amy Merrill

Boogie Camelback Glow Up

The Cholla Trail had a Glow Up!   Love the new entrance with restrooms, sink and drinking water!  Trail in excellent condition.  Definitely LOTS of

Arizona Winter

Flatiron With Friends!

It was the perfect weather for the perfect day to do the Flatiron Peak with my girls from Surprise Running Club! It was definitely the

Arizona Winter
Gabriel Arvizu

3 down 3 to go

Perfect weather for a hike. This has been the longest and highest hike I’ve done yet!