Started the trail but was worried a out lack of people on the trail. Was hiking by myself and will come back with some one

Awesome Picacho

Really good workout. Brought gloves, thank God. Lots of people but not an annoyance. Good trail. Would totally do it again.

Butt kicker and knee breaker

Such an awesome hike! The up just lept going! But it was so worth it. They way down was a bit unkind to this old…


Great hike, great weather = too many people. Glad i did it though

🐪 🐫 🐫 🐪

I have hiked Camelback thousands of times.  It never disappoints. It is always the perfect amount of challenge, finished with the perfect amount of reward.…

Wesson Peaked

It was a gorgeous day.  I have never seen so many wildflowers, saguaros, and ocotillo in such a condensed spot. Trails are well maintained. Beautiful…


Beautiful day albeit pretty busy out there. A little sketchy in places, but fun nonetheless.


This was by far the most difficult hike yet. We started early around 6:30am and were 1 of 3 cars in the parking lot. By…

Nothing flat about flatiron

Flatiron is a very good workout, challenge and the views from the top were just over the top amazing ! Trail until the basin about…


Weather was amazing! So many flowers and the streams flowing. Can’t believe I’ve lived in Arizona all my life and this is my first hike…

Six Pack of Peaks 5th Hike

The temperature (53) and humidity (69%) was perfect for hiking.  We we on the trail at 8:13am and it took us 5 hours 26 minutes.…

A Social Distance of 2.4 Miles

Hiking this peak was anything but a quarantine effort.  The parking near the trailhead was so crowded that we had to park in a neighborhood…

Picacho Peak

A fun and invigorating 4 mile hike. The steep inclines and the climbing makes this a challenging but fun hike. Great views at the top…

4th hike

The trail conditions were east to follow. One of the most difficult hikes that I have done by far, but so worth it. The weather…


Trail was in good shape but I encountered a lot of loose rocks and gravel. Perfect day for a hike.

Amazing view

This was the hardest hike I have ever done. The Siphon Draw trail was moderate to the water fall area. Then you start rock climbing…

Flatiron via Siphon Draw

So so so many people on the trail today because of #coronavirus.  I have never seen so many people coming and going from the park. …


Hike was awesome. Perfect weather and great views the whole way. Got a screw stuck my tire on the way in. Otherwise this hike was…


This hike was one of the most challenging hikes I have accomplished. The weather was beautiful and I am so thankful I went with my…


Surreal beauty. First time up but not the last. Challenge complete!


Weather was perfect. Hike was awesome and views were amazing. Most challenging of the six for sure. ❤️⛰

Wowza Wasson Peak

How is it possible to pick a favorite hike in the challenge when each one is truly amazing?  With the long and winding road through…

Camelback hike

I have hiked Camelback mountain many times before. Although it is not a trail I am all about due to the heavy traffic at all…

Wasson Peak Hike

An uneventful early morning hike. Nice and chilly, great hiking weather. Trail is well defined and moderate due to incline. Not much to report or…

Picacho Peak

The weather was beautiful and the hike was challenging!


Great day to hike! Fabulous weather.

Weekend mamosa hike

Loved it. Good hike. Not a god aweful workout but a good way to start your day.

Picacho Peak

The scariest hike I’ve done. In a word…cables.

Fremont Saddle

We completed this hike 45 min faster than what the website had stated. We went after it had been raining all week and everything was…

Solo Hike to Fremont Saddle

On the drive to the trailhead, the unpaved road section had some parts where there was water from the recent rain but the road was…

Fremont Feast for the Senses

Hiking the day after a rainy stretch in the Valley meant a virtual feast for the senses!  The sight and sound of percolating water accompanied…

Clear Skies!

The rain had washed everything and you could see for miles!!  Wildflowers everywhere!  It was an amazing hike!

No Pikachu on Picacho

Unfortunately I didn’t see any Pikachu, but I still had a great time! Second time hiking Picacho Peak and it is still as sketchy as…

Picacho Preference!!

This hike/climb is kick ass awesome!!!  I loved it!  My husband hiked with me, glad we could share it. Weather was gorgeous 70 degrees, crowds…

Completed the six pack

Trail conditions were good. Forecast called for rain, but I only briefly encountered showers in my way back down. I did run into a gopher…


Beautiful hike with plenty of saguaros

Wasson Peak Party

This is a pretty hike in the Saguaro National Park. Highly recommended

Fremont Saddle

Beautiful day to get out and hike. Water was running and we even saw a baby desert tortoise!

Wasson Peak

5/6 peaks done!  Hiked with Dani and Kati- the desert is in bloom!  There were several other hikers on the trail-  and lots of the…

Back in the Saddle

Started the hike around 8:40am, took our time to the top. Wandered around the saddle awhile taking in the view of Weaver’s Needle. Beautiful 75…

Freedom at Fremont

Fun hike! We ended up going past the saddle over to the end of the trail where you can get the best view of Weavers…

Most fun hike of all 6

Best hike, sun coming up, sillouted cactus, fun time with friends. The best and most hike was last.

February showers brings March flowers

A 75 degree day is the perfect weather to scramble up Camelback. The trail was filled with people, but not overcrowded. There were a ton…

Number 8 of 36!

📸03/08/20 The Almighty Flatiron of Arizona!! 2nd time up this Haunted Mountain⛰️ The views are just amazing!! New trail new views! I love Arizona &…

Number 8 of 36!

📸03/08/20 The Almighty Flatiron of Arizona!! 2nd time up this Haunted Mountain⛰️ The views are just amazing!! New trail new views! I love Arizona &…

Number 8 of 36!

📸03/08/20 The Almighty Flatiron of Arizona!! 2nd time up this Haunted Mountain⛰️ New trail new views! #8 of 36 @sixpackofpeaks @sixpackofpeaksarizona @sixpackofpeaksnorcal Hike #22 of…

5th Picacho Peak

Hike #5 was a tough one but we made it to the top and back down!!  The weather was nice but a little windy at…

Beautiful Hike to Weaver’s Needle

The road to the trail head was rougher then what I remember, but made it there and back (a little dustier than before) no problem.…

Wasson Peak

Hiking Wasson Peak was not hard at all.   Don’t get me wrong, it is tiring and you do work up a sweat.  You’ll be…

Picturesque Picacho

Beautiful day and beautiful hike!!   wore my shirt and gave out website to Four groups!!!  Marketing at it finest!!


Not too intense anywhere but pretty long. Not too crowded. $25 fee for the park.

Peralta Trail

The hike was beautiful! The weather was perfect for hiking up, although did get warm coming down.

Fremont Saddle

The hike was beautiful. The trail conditions were good and easy to follow. The weather was great and got hot as the day went on.…

Choo-Choo Camelback

Great hike, but lots of people as always. Exercise hiking etiquette/right of way on this one as there are some narrow spots that one can…

Jimmie’s Solo 6-pack

The trail was crowded both going up and coming down when I set out just as the sun was starting to set. I wasn’t ready…

Wandering, wind, and wildflowers

There was no one else in the parking lot by the trailhead so we thought we might be using a less popular route.  We wandered…

Wasson Peak

Well marked and maintained trail. Easy to follow. Very little shade. Great views at the top.

Wassup Wasson

Trail was about a 2 hour drive from our house so my son and I started out fairy early as it was suppose to get…

Picacho gauntlets

Beautiful day and wildflowers made for a glorious hike with my son!

Windy Wasson Peak

Beautiful Day for a hike! Lots of Wildflowers!  Windy at the top of the peek!


My favorite hike of the challenge.  Fun climbs and beautiful rocks.

What a climb!

Piestawa is always a challenge. Praise to the guys who installed the cables.

Wasson Peak

Trail was getting maintenance during our hike, they do a great job of the upkeep of the trail.


Moderate hike with friendly faces. Views that reminded me of Germany. Tons of wildflowers. Awesome NPS employees working on the trail. Traveling nurses and a…


Great hike. Lots of wildflowers and amazing views!


Well maintained trail.  Moderate elevation gain.  

Picacho Peak

Bright and sunny day. Clear sky. Trail dry, pea size rock easily slipped on.


Fun hike! Dog friendly with amazing views.

Just a little superstitious

Loved this trail. This hike had everything, from breathtaking views, to wildflowers, wildlife, and water. The most enjoyable part for me was the fact that…

Nice easy hike to summit

Very easy summit trail heavily trafficked, out and back without drawing a bead of sweat…Rain approaching so I couldn’t explore the area much.


Beautiful weather, awesome views, great hike!

Flat Iron for the finish!

It was a busy trail today but we started early and beat the rush! Challenging but great hike!!

Peek-A-Boo Picacho!

Couldn’t have asked for more perfect day! the weather was amazing and just a beautiful day on the trail.

Bucket list hike

What a way to finish this challange! We went with our biggest group and got to enjoy it with my husband as well!

Wasson Peak – Leap Day Hike

Trail was in great condition, seems very well maintained.  Lots of wild flowers.  Love spending time with friends exploring Arizona trails.  Talked with a couple…

Wasson Peak

Not a bad hike.  next time will go clockwise around the loop as it appeared to provide better views that way.

Wasssupp Wasson!

Awesome. Beautiful.  Harder terrain going up than the loop coming down.

Flat Iron is not Flat

– $7 entry fee – heavy traffic – inexperienced hikers on trail – no bathrooms on trail -4.5 hours total

Fremont Saddle

Gorgeous views, great weather and the streams were flowing.

Conquering Camelback

Another busy weekend hike, but once got around the first crowds made good time! Was a blast!

The Finale – Waaon

Great finishing hike for us.  Beautiful day.  Views were gorgeous.  Sky was very pretty as well.

Picacho Peak-not for the weak!

Holy Cow!  This hike was one for the memory book-rated difficult, and lived up to it. Worth the drive, the effort, and the challenging rock…

The Windy Wasson Peak

Sunny and really windy day up to the summit. Went up the NE side on Kings Canyon Trail and back around on Hugh-Norris Trail. Lots…

Wednesday Hump Day Camelback

Gorgeous day on Camelback.  I actually hiked Wednesday up the Cholla side and then Thursday Echo Canyon.  Both had their own beauty and challenges.

Saddle up for a fun hike

There was some heavy rain in the Valley before the hike, so it was a lot of fun crossing the water.  It was such a…

Free Peak

My favorite of the six!  Not as hard as the Flat Iron trail on the Superstition Mountain, but the views were amazing!

Wasson Views

This hike was a longer hike, but not too difficult.  We loved the great views along the way and at the top.  There were parts…

What’s up Wasson Peak

Nice long hike that lasted 7 miles and took us 4 hours on a sunny day.  Nice fun hike

No pikachus on Picacho.

Started at 815am, short but STEEP! The cables were crazy, definitely bring gloves with rubber grip and lots of water. I drank ~2.5L and took…

Southwest Jungle Gym

Started at 8:15, back to the truck by 11:00am. Beautiful blue sky, not too crowded. The trail is steep, rugged, and technical. Much of the…


Great weather, great friend, but too many freakin’ other people!!!

Fremont Saddle

Most beautiful hike ever- water was flowing, waterfalls, several water crossings and foliage was so green.  

Wildflowers @ Wasson!

Started the hike around 11:45am on a Sunday; parking lot just beginning to fill up. Partly sunny skies, which made wildflower viewing quite lovely. Easy,…

Wasson was awesome

Started at around 11:45, finished the hike in 3.5hrs with a nice break at the top. Started out sunny and warm and by the time…

Wasson Peak

Beautiful day to hike Wasson. We started around 7:30am and were the 3rd group to the top. Everyone rolled in as we were coming down.…

Fremont Frolly

Road out was LOTS of mud and a few water crossings,  after all the rain. What a gorgeous day to hike this and see the…

Camelback Cholla prak

Beautiful 7am weather and temp’s in the mid 50’s to start. Gorgeous up top!

It’s not really flat

The trail  it’s called ”Flat Iron”,  but the trail is only flat at the trailhead.  It starts out very gradual, then gets vertical For the…

Better the Second Time

It was a windy day, but it was a pretty comfortable temperature in the canyon.  This was my second time hiking Flatiron, and it seemed…

Solo Camel

This was my third time hiking Camelback mountain, and the first time I’ve done it solo. The first two times I hiked it, I hiked…

Flatiron at 60

Beautiful day for a hike with my 39 year old son.  The hike was challenging for me as it was the first time rock scrambling…

High Wires

Warm 80’s and a bright sunny day up to the top of Picacho. Gloves were a big help on the cable lines. Grind up the…

Back from Stitches

After tripping, falling, and getting 18 stitches on my knee from a trail on New Year’s Eve, I’m finally back on the trail.  This one…


Loved/Hated hiking with boulders!!!!