No pikachus on Picacho.

Started at 815am, short but STEEP! The cables were crazy, definitely bring gloves with rubber grip and lots of water. I drank ~2.5L and took…

Southwest Jungle Gym

Started at 8:15, back to the truck by 11:00am. Beautiful blue sky, not too crowded. The trail is steep, rugged, and technical. Much of the…

Wasson Peak

Beautiful day to hike Wasson. We started around 7:30am and were the 3rd group to the top. Everyone rolled in as we were coming down.…


Great weather, great friend, but too many freakin’ other people!!!

Fremont Saddle

Most beautiful hike ever- water was flowing, waterfalls, several water crossings and foliage was so green.  

Wildflowers @ Wasson!

Started the hike around 11:45am on a Sunday; parking lot just beginning to fill up. Partly sunny skies, which made wildflower viewing quite lovely. Easy,…

Wasson was awesome

Started at around 11:45, finished the hike in 3.5hrs with a nice break at the top. Started out sunny and warm and by the time…

It’s not really flat

The trail  it’s called ”Flat Iron”,  but the trail is only flat at the trailhead.  It starts out very gradual, then gets vertical For the…


What a sense of accomplishment after finishing this hike.  It will push your body to its limits! Met many others on the hike, one was…

Flat Iron

This is an extremely rocky trail. Basically a boulder crawl for most of it.    It is beautiful, but definitely a physically challenging hike!  Worth…

High Wires

Warm 80’s and a bright sunny day up to the top of Picacho. Gloves were a big help on the cable lines. Grind up the…

Back from Stitches

After tripping, falling, and getting 18 stitches on my knee from a trail on New Year’s Eve, I’m finally back on the trail.  This one…


Loved/Hated hiking with boulders!!!!

Fremont Saddle

What a fun hike!  We had a quail follow/lead us all the way to the saddle and part way back to the trailhead.  Also met…

Picacho Peak revisited…

Revisited Picacho for a nice invigorating vertical climb to get ready for the Superstition’s Ridgeline! Nice warm, Sunny day with temps getting into to the…


This was a beautiful hike!  You could hear the creek which you crossed over on a couple of occasions.  The most amazing part was to…

Fremont Saddle

Loved hiking with a quail who followed us from the parking lot to the saddle and half way back to trailhead.

Picacho Peak

Loved the cables, made the impossible possible!

Adopting trail buddies

A little hotter than expected , zero shade unless you were able to hide behind a cactus lol. Lots of gravel , watch your step.…


Very challenging hike, but absolutely loved it! Fabulous weather!


Loved hiking with cables!!!!


Beautiful hike!

Dat trip to Tucson

We did a loop and started from the back which was pretty steep so that was a bit challenging but once we got to the…

Peralta Canyon

Beautiful hike, forgot it was Presidents Day so crazy crowded.

Presidents Day at Picacho

The sun was out and the weather was good. It was sunny but not too hot. Although the flowers weren’t in full bloom yet there…

Flatiron Rock Climbing Challenge

A beautiful day spent with my brother, my nephew and two friends. It was beautiful at the top but a challenge coming down but well…


Loved hiking with the Saguaro!

Gloveless home 🤷‍♀️

Feeling a little sore after double peaks yesterday. This trail was one of my favorites so far. I neglected to do the research. Would have…

Wasson Peak

Loved the beautiful desert vistas on this hike.  The Saguaro are so magnificent here, each with a personality of its own. Enjoyed hiking this area…

Picacho Pain

Third time on this. Still hard, but fun!


It was Camelback.  Full of the typical hikers, talking on speaker phones, having inappropriate loud conversations with their partners just the typical in town trail…

Wasson Peak

This was a very nice hike in the Saquaro National Park. We did the loop as suggested instead of out and back. Glad for that…

Sunset hike

Perfect weather , beautiful sunset . Bagged 2 peaks today ✅

Flat Iron cray cray

This was a very challenging hike.  We completed in 4 hours 15 minutes not including about 20 minutes on the top for picture and enjoying…

Free Falling

Beautiful hike in the midst of saguaros! It was fun to explore a new hike.  We felt it was moderate to easy, finished in 2:50.

Precarious Picacho

Another gorgeous day for a hike! The desert wildflowers were in bloom and plenty of seasoned Picacho hikers were out. Some guys were going up…


Rocks and more rocks as you ascend to the top! Perfect day for hiking in Phoenix.

FlatIron was not flat!

This hike was the most challenging. There are some slippery places with lose rock so be careful. The view was worth the pain.

Flatiron definitely is not flat!!

Trail was not well marked from about mid way up  guessed where trail was and looked for foot traffic. This trail had a lot of…

Weaving the Needle

Gorgeous sunny day in the high-60s. Surprisingly quite a bit of people on the trail for a Thursday morning with the parking lot ~80% full.…

Piestowa – Sunset

Awesome new parking and facilities.  One of my favorite trails in town.

#6! Complete!

An absolutely beautiful leisurely hike. Perfect one to complete the challenge.

Piestewa Peak

It’s been a little over a year since I last did this hike and a lot has changed.  The construction in the main parking area…

3rd Fremont Saddle

Hike number 3 in the books!! The hike up to Fremont Saddle was amazing!! This was our first time hiking to Fremont Saddle!! Foot traffic…

Shellya #2

Awesome hike!  Difficult- wear gloves!

Amazing hike at Picacho!

So cool this was!  Felt so thrilled to make this climb!  The cables helped along the way when needed!  The day was gorgeous not too…

Wasson Peak

Finished the Six Pack of Peaks today with Wasson Peak. Hiked with my brother and sister (Jim & Yani). Weather was awesome and we really…

Fremont Saddle

Awesome hike! One of my new favorites in the area. Great weather and  great views. Loved it!

Sweet Water Wasson

Very pretty, The Sweet Water way in is less crowded.  Start running into people @ the junction

Wass-On! Wass-Off!

Wass-on! Wass-off! Spent the morning at Saguaro National Park and had a beautiful hike through the saguaros to Wasson Peak. A chilly morning but soon…

Wasson Trail

This was the last of our six hikes. We had a blast!

Pikachu? Picacho? Pinocchio?

Steep and technical was fun. But definitely should have looked it up so mentally I had a better idea what I was going for. Glad…

Wasson peak, 6 complete.

Second peak for the day knocked Picacho out first. Glad I did, made Wasson look like a breeze. 6/6…. now to finish the other 16…

Camelback in a Flash!

Weather was cool, high 40s into the 50s, and sunny.  A little cool, but nice.  Felt great!  Crowded trail, though.

Friday Fun Day

Very crowded today, there is a soccer tournament or something going on and I think EVERY team decided to hike this mountain. It was still…

Peak of Piestewa

Perfect day for hike. The weather could not have been better. I hiked with one of my besties C.  She kept me motivated to push…

Ah the boulders

Mountain 2 in the same day!  Yikes but we made it. The terrain is tough. Be ready to stretch you legs 🦵 over some big…

My Mom’s Nightmare

My mom always tells me to stay away from cliff edges, so I typically do not tell her about a hike until it is completed.…

Ultimate Stairmaster

Cool and breezy this morning. No problem parking, and not too many people on the trail and at the peak. Lots and lots of steps…

Echo Canyon

Great trail and weather (about 60F). Not too crowded which was nice!

Savoring the Desert

Absolutely beautiful hike with amazing desert flora to view up close. The initial  1 mile is crossing the desert floor, followed by an ascent through…

Humping the Camel

Arrived at the trailhead directly from the airport, grabbed a bottle of water and busted a move up the trail. The trail was well populated…

Bringing Back the Oldies

I had hiked this back in 1996 when it was Squaw Peak. It was still the enormous stair-stepper and definitely a cardio burner (especially after…

2nd Camelback Mountain

Phew!!! I have never hiked Camelback Mountain and today was the day!! We had to do a lot of climbing/scrambling on this trail. Trail also…

Pumping – Flat Iron!

Per our tradition, Flat Iron February! hit the trail about 6:30am,was a bit chilly but hit some warm pockets on the way up. Always everytime…

Fremont Sadle

The trail was moderate and well marked. There are restrooms at the trailhead. The drive to the trailhead is on dirt road but it is…

First Hike Ever

How often do you get to hike Flatiron for your son’s first time up, with his best friend who has never hiked before, someone from…

Beautiful day in Scottsdale

Great hike taking friends who hiked Camelback for the first time.  Beautiful day with many hikers.

Camelback Echo Canyon

Took our friends to hike Camelback for the first time. Great day! Love this hike, challenging and lots of friendly hikers out.

Piestawa PeK

Beautiful Phoenix winter weather.  The trail was very busy.

Picacho up and up

This was a challenge as it starts uphill from the get go. The views are phenomenal.

Picacho Peak

Challenging hike, cables were an experience. Read up on hike before doing so, gloves were a must. Beautiful day, beautiful views! Did not disappoint.

Fremont Sale

Awesome weather today, great day for a hike. Hiked to Fremont Saddle via Peralta Trail with my sister, Yani. Easy hike. Lots of rocks.

Flatiron Peak

What a challenging but totally doable hike.   You will think to yourself when will I ever get there then all of a sudden you’ll…


A perfect AZ winter day for a hike.  Lots of trail traffic on the Cholla side, as usual.

Hangry Hike

Beautiful weather. Should have eaten before the hike…did not feel well but finished and headed straight to Sprouts!

Amazing Fremont Saddle

Beautiful Day!  Started at 9:30 am with my husband with a bum knee and our Jack Russell Terrior Sam.  Sam absolutely loved the hike and…

Flat out Flatiron

We did this this the long hard way… Up Hieroglyphics Canyon, along the Ridgeline trail to the Flatiron, then down the Flatiron via Siphon Draw…


Moderately trafficked hike at 1pm on a Thursday. Gorgeous views of desert grass and plants. Cool but comfortable weather.

Fremont Saddle

What an absolutely beautiful hike.   For me it was super easy.   There were lots of interesting landmarks to see, just use your imagination.…


First time doing Camelback. Definitely challenging. Loved all of the scrambling. Great views!

Up and “back” again

Nice sunny and cool weather, perfect for a hike up Camelback. Fun scramble up the trail to the summit. Clear day allowed long views across…


Really liked this trail. Went early on a week day to beat the crowds. Only saw about 20 people on the way up…the way down…

Climbing camelback

This was tough!!! The views were amazing and by the time I made it back down I forgot how much I wanted to quit on…

Mainah finished on Flat Iron

What an ass kicker!! Navigating on this one from the Siphon to saddle was tough Just stay far left along the wall. We went straight…

The Beast

Challenging to follow trail.  Spent an hour trying to find correct trail.


Beginning of hike watch 8 mountain goats play on the peaks above.  Two babies were learning to navigate the cliffs.

Steppin’ For Bacon

If you want a good leg burning workout…this is the hike for you! Stairs, stairs, stairs! Climb 1,128 feet in 1.18 miles . The weather…


Super busy hike- a lot of people and hard to find parking, but always a killer, quick workout!


Had a great hike with my sister (Yani) and brother (Jim). Such beautiful views from the summit.

Piestewa Peak

A balmy 45 degree start, finishing full tank!  Gotta love me some AZ!

Oh the beauty of AZ!

Absolutely breathtaking. Much more a relaxing hike than hardcore. Pack a picnic as you must stay for a while!

Wassup Wasson

Gorgeous day! Intermittent clouds. Mostly sunny. Fewer people than I expected. Breathtaking at the top!

Fremont saddle via Peralta trail

Amazing hike!  Weather was great!  Not too much traffic this day!  So worth the hike up!  Stunning views at the saddle.