New Years Eve on Black Mountain

This last hike on the last day of 2020 could not have been more perfect. This loop trail in Monte Bello Open Space is diverse…

Night adventure on the mountain

Started late from Stinson. Got to East Peak at sunset. Long, dark, rainy hike back down Matt Davis to find my car locked in at…

Safety third

Super cold at the start of the trail, nice and warm for a few miles in the middle, and cool once we got back to…

Mount Um…is it going to rain?

Wasn’t going to hike because it looked like rain in the morning, but it cleared in the early afternoon. Since I started later, the winter…

Final peak – Mt Sizer!

A bit frosty early in the morning, but BEAUTIFUL the rest of the time. The main incline was pretty rough, as was the final 3…

Little Yosemite

Amazing creek with running water.  Lots of birds and cows.

Little Yosemite

Amazing creek with running water.  Lots of birds and cows.

Manzanita Hike

It was overcast and cold. The trail was somewhat flat but pretty.  Saw some deer that weren’t spooked as we passed them.  Lots of birds

Mission Not Impossible

Partly cloudy and cool, this Christmas Monday brought out hundreds of hikers, young and old. Most masked up. I haven’t hiked vertical peaks in a…

Immigrant’s walk.

most fun among them. Do this last as to end the challenge with a bang. Preferably hike on summer for better condition and view on…

Mount Sizer

Narrow roads going up, but beautiful views. The manzanita trees on the trail were soo pretty, the texture was much different than I expected. Nice…

Black Mountain and Mountain Lions

Having talked to a Ranger the previous day about Rancho San Antonio Park, I decided to wait until sunrise to engage in the hike. There…

Black Mountain

Beautiful hike, accidentally took wrong trail down 2 miles and had to hike back up, started at 10am and completed around 4:00pm with the detour.

Black Mountain

6.25 miles, 1239 ft, 2hr 8 mins Fairly easy hike, it rained a bit but the trail wasn’t too slippery.

Black Mt

Chilly and damp from rain.

Drizzly Black Mountain

A little bit of rain.  Trail was well maintained. Snuck it in before the years end!

The Views are Worth the Drive

Easy, gradual climb to the summit,  mostly on fire road.  Left late and came through the last forested mile by head lamp.  Fantastic views and…

Mt Umunhum!

Saved the easiest for last. Nice gradual uphill. Clear day. Native American group (Ohlone?) was doing a drumming ceremony  at the top. I’m glad the…

Mount Um

Beautiful weather today!

Mt Tam masked

Going on a weekend was busier than I’d hoped so hiked a lot of the way in a mask!

Black Mountain

Love this hike even though 2 hours from Vacaville!  Last hike done!

Getting it done

Perhaps not the most interesting of the hikes but the views were certainly amazing – fun to see Umhumnum, Diablo, Mission Peak , Sizer and…

Mt Mountain!

Amazing rare clear day with great visibility. Hiked up through the deer hollow farm and the north ridge and down the PGE road. Saw a…

Black Mountain

Beautiful hike after a 2-day rain. Although nothing much to see at the summit.


Beautiful day for a hike! Air was crisp and clear after yesterday’s rain. Steep ravine had some slick roots but wasn’t a problem. The view…

Last hike finally

Boy, what a day. We were monitoring the weather forecast for a couple days before the hike and it showed rain. Sure enough on hike…

Mission Peak!

Cold and foggy on the way up. Great view on the way down

Mission Peak

Thigh-burner hike! Great workout and the view from the top is gorgeous?

Helena How High Hare Hugh….

Everything went according to planned, although it was sprinkling and cold the whole way – but this time of year.

The quiet side of Mission Peak

So peaceful mid-week starting from the back side. I literally saw no one on the trail until right up against the peak. Fall foliage was…

Mt Tam!

Great hike! Cold and clear. Not many people. Most wearing face masks.

3 Summits in 36 Hours!

I have fallen in love with this hike. Have done it 7 times in 1 month… in a 36 hour period, I did it 3…

Mt Tamalpais

#5 done! Beautiful day with my beautiful friend and no broken bones this year!  Hardly anyone on the trail!


Great day

Gray Skies on Black Mountain

We started this hike around 11:30am and were back at the cars by 2:30pm. Once you’re out of the woods, there are amazing views of…

Yesenia Catalano

The weather was chilly but not too cold. It was shaded. The hike wasn’t too crowded either.

Mission Peak by Moonlight

It was a beautiful night for a Mission Peak hike. The weather was cold, but not freezing and, while it was breezy, it never got…

Mission To the Mission

I hiked Mission Peak almost weekly, so i know this mountain well if anyone wants information.

Rose peak ????

Incredibly challenging, lots of cows, amazing views along the way.

Mt Diablo

Great hike! Slight haze. Otherwise clear and cold. Not too many hikers.

Black Mountain

Beautiful day for a hike in Los Altos on Black Mountain. Boy that elevation sneaks up on you for the last 2 miles! Fun hike,…

Mount Tamalpais

Loved this trail! Lots of views in different places.

6 Peaks including Diablo

Parked on Regency Drive – I highly recommend that. Caught the loop and went clockwise. I would not do it counter-clockwise as I prefer to…

Mission to Monument Peak

Great hike up the back side of Mission Peak. Free parking on Mission Blvd gets you bonus hiking miles. Our group of four went past…

Mt. St. Helena

10.17 miles, 2141 ft, 3h 30 min It was 32 degrees the entire time on this hike and quite windy at the top. We got…

Cold hike on St Helena

We got there early, 7a, because the small parking lot fills up quickly. It was freezing, 37 degrees! The first mile or so is narrow,…

Quick Hike up Mission Peak

Quite busy with families, but people wore masks and were very polite. The last 1/4 mile would be strenuous for children, older folk and anyone…

Mount Tamalpais

Enjoyed a hike to the summit on this gorgeous day. The weather was perfect and it was so great to do it with our family…

Mt St Helena!

Great Hike! Not that many people. Started late but made It down before dark.


I’m taking this challenge as trail running challenge and this was a great easy start

Mount Diablo

Good thing I didn’t do this during summer time. It would’ve been too hot with no shade!

Mission Peak. Mission Accepted

Easy, safe parking in college parking lot right below trailhead. Cost $4 for day. Really easy to follow trail – mostly fireroad the whole way.…

I Defeated the Devil! ???? ???? ????

Wow! What a day! My hiking partner, Wes, and I were supposed to meet up to conquer Mt. Diablo together this morning. However, somehow entering…

Mt. Tam on a picture-perfect day!

My friend Monica and I started our drive up from San Jose around 8:45am and got to the parking area around 10:30am. The lot was…

Number 6 of 6

Rainy day & trail was closed but managed to jump over early in the morning. Hike at your own risk!

Number 5 of 6 Veterans day

Trail has minor trees in the way but doable. Lovely view above the clouds with my friend Crystal on Veterans day!

Number 4 of 6

Number 4 of 6. Hiked along with friends in the area. Lovely sunset as well.

Mt Tam – Sunrise hike

Fun hike with my buddies Andy and Mike.  Big thank you! This was a fun hiking year.

Chilly Mt. Helena

Cold day but lots of climbers along the way. Clear views all day

Mission Peak

The trail was very crowded, the views are pretty amazing at the peak.

Saintly hike

Parked near small picnic area right off the 29. Headed up the trail to the memorial sight. Went up the right trail to take a…

Wineries and Hiking

Beautiful hike. It was a bit cold and breezy after 1 mile before the peak. At that weekend, we stayed in Santa Rosa, visited wineries,…

Mount Diablo

Great day with Sabine and Andy, 13.9 miles, 3950 foot elevation gain. 6:11 moving time.

Mt Diablo

Fun hike with my Andy and Mike. Beautiful fall colors, great views.

Fire hills

Mostly fire road in good condition. Was able to see the fires in Napa  & Sonoma County.

Saint Helena

Great hike, views from the top were nice. Cool little plaque at the peak also.

Mission Peak

Went right before sunset and finished at nighttime 🙂


It was a beautiful day on Monday Not too  hot or cold but sun was out, Trail has Little Rock’s, but very small, and I…

Beautiful ????

I hiked on my own,  when I started on fire road, was a good place to start, there is a restroom, and there is a…

The cube

This hike is so beautiful. Plenty of green trees and shade most of the way. Highly recommended!! Beautiful view when you get to the top.


This trail is completely exposed. Started the hike at 4:30 and it was very very hot! lots of incline but the views for sunset are…

Mount Diablo

The weather was very nice, not too hot or cold, we started from Mitchell canyon road, it said it is 7.30 miles to reach the…

Mount Diablo

Hike was beautiful we originally were planning to to just 15 miles but we ended up doing 18 miles, beautiful hike, difenetly recommend,  knee compressions,…

Mt. Umunhum

Started early, on descent shared the trail with a lot of bikers, trail runners, and other hikers. Nice and easy sloping accent and descent

The challenging Mount Tamalpais hike

Mount Tamalpais was a challenging but beautiful hike and a great workout.  I really enjoyed how the trail varied from rolling hills, to lush creaks,…

So Hot!!

Very warm day for this very exposed summit. 88 degrees but with strong winds. With out the wind to cool me down I would have…

Mission Peak sunrise

Started hiking early in the morning. It was still pitch dark and I was scared as heck. So far I had never hiked by myself…

Mission peak

Great hike as always! Encountered a snake and some cows along the way!

Goooood Morning from Mission Peak!

Decided to see the sunrise from Mission Peak. First time I’ve started from Stanford Ave. Sunol side is still closed (because of the fires) and…

Mission Peak

Cold morning. Clean trails. Lots of people.

Never ending Mount Diablo

It was a challenging hike. Some parts were very steep. The section after the Mount Diablo camping area was very windy and cold.

Mission Accomplished!

Did this hike by moonlight before, this time by day. Tons of people. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer for after you climb the pole at…

Mission ALSO accomplished

Thankful for this replacement hike to end our challenge, tho still hoping to hit Sizer when it’s open again someday. Very congested w people. If…

NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks – Mt. Diablo

Starting from parking lot of the station. The parking fee payment was an odd one involving putting cash into envelope. That was awkward given the…

Mt. Tam

15.0 miles, 2829 ft of climbing, 5hrs 38 mins. This was a fairly easy hike. There were quite a few people (walkers and bikers) the…

Mt Tam

Start early to avoid the crowds and the heat.

Beautiful views

Beautiful hike!  Great views, well maintained trail.  We started at 6a, so the trail had light traffic early.  Later in the day it was busy.

Mt Tam – Very Early

Very early AM start. In the dark. Saw a coyote! Hiked most, ran some. About 4 hours for the whole trail.

Mission Peak

7 miles, 2,112 ft of climbing, 2hr 41 mins. As always there were a ton of people on this trail, and we went before the…

Mission Peak

Hike early to avoid the crowds and heat.

A nice short one

This is a nice quick one! Not much heat and very crowded so go early!

Tarantula Trail

The trail starts off flat and shaded through the woods and hillsides where the tarantulas burrow. It was mating season so we were lucky enough…


80°, had to drive to a second location than what all trails app lead to in order to start hike. First hike since the fires,…

Devil Mountain

it was warm with a nice breeze.  Lots of weeds. Didn’t seem maintained for pedestrians

Mission Peak instead of Rose Peak

Six of six! Woot! I got an early start on the 2020 Sixpack, after a late finish to the 2019 challenge. Then the lockdowns…then the…

A hot day on Mt Diablo

We arrived at 7:45, 15 min before the gate was set to open- it was already open.  The trail was well maintained, pretty rocky.  Pesky…