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  • Gregory Kimura

    February 11, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Great info! Thanks Jeff, et al. I’ve ordered some Hillsound trail pro crampons and will probably pick up microspikes as well for the final 3 peaks (San B, San J, & San G). Will get snow baskets for my poles, too. Looks like thenpeaks will all be getting some new snow in the next week. Will have to take some of my warmer/gtx Alaska gesr along.
    Speaking of winter equipment, I’ve noticed that I seem to bring more stuff (clothing, food, water, emergency supplies, heavier boots, etc.) than others Imsee on trails around SoCal. Even talking with folks at REI, there seems to be a culture of minimalist/fast hiking here. Maybe after completing the six pack and get more comfortable with less. Or maybe I’m just wired to be a packrat, which I tell myself is wise but which I also second guess halfway through a hike/climb when fatigued.
    In any case, I’m interested in how experienced hikers here pack for day hikes and if minimalism is the norm….