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  • Tyler Glowacz

    February 12, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    [quote quote=4595]Hello all! First, thank you for the details. I am doing my first of the 6 at Mt. Wilson this weekend. I know this area because I have been to the falls a couple times. I would like to NOT have to take the cement road all the way back up the hill to Chantry. Is there a sign I should look for to take the trail near the old toll road so I end at the picnic table area? I think I am most nervous about coming down the Mountain since I have read several times that the signage is not good.

    Advise and knowledge please. Thank you so much![/quote]

    My wife and I did mt Wilson this last Saturday. We hiked up mt Wilson the way that leads to sturtevant falls, and when we descended we went down the side that you enter from the parking lot below the cosmic cafe at the peak. From there it’s pretty straight forward, then eventually you get to a sign that says “hogees camp” and “chantry flat” if your looking at the sign it sends you left for chantry flat and that is the way we went. It seems like you made a wrong turn or something because it sends you up for a bit after going down, but you end up looking down on the parking lot and coming off trail above the general store. I hope that helps, sorry I don’t remember all the details on the signs and the trail names. Someone with more experience can probably help you here and there is tons of friendly people on this trail to ask for directions.

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