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  • Tyler Glowacz

    February 14, 2018 at 10:49 am

    [quote quote=4630]Thank you so much Tyler! That is very helpful. I spent some time yesterday, reading, cutting, pasting and printing out maps. I cannot wait! I will post about our hike on Monday morning while I put my legs up and sip some coffee.[/quote]

    No problem! Glad that helped. Just remember if you come down the side I was talking about that starts at the parking lot below the cosmic cafe (its very burnt from the fires), you will see the back of the hogees camp and chantry flat sign first. So when I say it’s a left, that is a left as if you are facing the sign reading it. Also just so you know, if you go up the mountain the same way that takes you to the falls, there is plenty of places to filter water and an actual refill station at the top and at least one on the trail I think (look in the campgrounds). I wouldn’t have carried as much water if I had know that, but the 3 liters I took lasted me to the top with about a half liter to spare and I drink a lot of water. My wife on the other hand drank only a little over a liter ascending so how much water to take is all relative to you, Just know you will be able to fill up at certain points.

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