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SoCal boy, born and raised.

Cubicle jockey by day for BAC. Crafty-DIY-outdoorsman by nights…and weekends.

Father of 3, husband of 1. The wife apparently has 4 children. I've still never met the 4th.

Bury me in the Eastern Sierras when I die.


Granada Hills


November 8, 1972

2018 SoCal Six-Pack ChallengerMount WilsonCucamonga PeakMt BaldySan BernardinoMt San JacintoSan Gorgonio2018 SoCal Original Six-Pack of Peaks FinisherBaden-PowellOntario Peak2018 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher +22018 SoCal Modified Six-Pack FinisherMount Pinos2019 SoCal Challenger2019 Mount Wilson2019 Mount Pinos2019 Cucamonga Peak2019 Mount Baldy2019 San Bernardino Peak2019 Mount San Jacinto2019 SoCal Finisher2019 San Gorgonio2019 SoCal Original Six-Pack Finisher2019 Mount Baden-Powell2020 SoCal Challenger2020 Strawberry Peak2020 Sawmill Mountain2020 Mount Wilson2020 Cucamonga Peak2020 Mount Baldy2020 San Bernardino Peak2020 SoCal Finisher2020 Mount San Jacinto2020 San Gorgonio2020 SoCal Original Six Finisher2020 Mount Baden-Powell2020 Sitton Peak2020 Ontario Peak2020 Mount Woodson2021 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2021 Sitton Peak2021 Strawberry Peak2021 Sawmill Mountain2021 Mount Baldy2021 Cucamonga Peak2021 Mount Baden-Powell2021 SoCal Finisher2021 Mount San Jacinto2021 San Gorgonio2021 Ontario Peak2021 Mount Wilson (SoCal)2021 Santiago Peak2022 SoCal Challenger2022 Mount Wilson2022 Strawberry Peak2022 Legacy Challenger – 4x2022 Sitton Peak2022 Sawmill Mountain2022 Mount Baldy2022 Mount Baden-Powell2022 SoCal Finisher