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COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything I've experienced in my lifetime. Our lives, families and businesses have been disrupted. Most states have issued some form

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Latest Hike Logs


Trail was easy to follow, recommend starting early to avoid the heat and crowds. If you want to get a picture at potato chip rock,

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Whole Family Summits Humphreys

Mariah volunteered for a double blood donation just three days before the hike – that's certainly going to inhibit the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood

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I drank coffee before the hike horrible idea haha trail was mainly dirt, gravel, sand but manageable there isn’t much shade throughout the hike so

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Strenuous hike, thinking the trip down was worse than the trip up but over all it was a beautiful day for a butt kicker hike!

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Great weather today. A bit windy between saddle and summit but nice at the top.  Rocky trail but well maintained.

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