Welcome to the Arizona Summer Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge!

Your Six-Pack of Peaks adventure begins today!  You are now part of the Six-Pack of Peaks community.  

Your welcome packet will be mailed to you in the next five to seven days and containing your hiker tag, sticker pack, enamel pin and a handy overview to keep you on track. 

Here's how to get started. 

While you are waiting for your welcome packet to arrive, you can get started today. Here are a few ways:

Start planning your hikes

We have detailed trail guides to all the peaks in the challenge but remember, these are just suggested routes. You can hike from any trailhead you prefer to make it challenging for you. You can hike them in the suggested order, or in any order you prefer.

Start putting dates on the calendar and planning those hikes.

Check out the Hike Logs

Wilson Mountain

Wilson best viewing

The trail is very rocky in sections especially the 2nd mile.  Lots of wild flowers in full bloom. Sunny and clear with views of Humphrey

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Granite Mountain Vista

Granite Mountain Vista

I underestimated the beauty and difficulty level of this hike. The views were fabulous all along the way. All up one way made for all

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Bill Williams Mountain
David Borggreen

Cool morning hike

Was a cool 50 degrees at start and was windy most of the hike. Didn't see anyone else hiking so we had the summit all

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Bear Mountain (AZ)

The bear was Grrrreeaat

Challenging myself to reach new heights, I posted an invitation to join me on the Six Summit challenge! I was pleased when over 10 women

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Challengers create a Hike Log to track their progress through the challenge. Hike Logs are a great way to meet your fellow challengers, and provide a great source of valuable trail information.

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If you have questions about the challenge, visit the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Q&A forum or the support center.

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