Finishers: 2019 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

This leaderboard will show all of the finishers for the 2019 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, ordered by date finished. Note that your challenge is not considered finished until all six hikes are logged, so get them in as soon after you hike them as you can!

Position Challenger Date Completed
1 Profile photo of NekkedDave NekkedDave Mar 3
2 Profile photo of NightOwl Hiker NightOwl Hiker Mar 24
3 Profile photo of Michael Coustier Michael Coustier Mar 24
4 Profile photo of Kevin Duguid Kevin Duguid Mar 28
5 Profile photo of Valerie Turck Valerie Turck Mar 30
6 Profile photo of Hikerdood Hikerdood Mar 30
7 Profile photo of Lowrytwins Lowrytwins Apr 2
8 Profile photo of Chris Kackman Chris Kackman Apr 19