Hike #6…and done…Mic Drop!

This was a sweet way to finish this Challenge. With all that’s going on around the world, it was nice to get out and commune…

Wildflower Treasures

Beautiful wildflowers along this trail.  Loved going through plant archways along the trail. Refreshing to see a small waterfall trickling into water puddle.

The enchanted hike

I asked my family do you want to join me for a hike or ride your bikes while I‘m running? They decided for this hike…

Saddle up

Nice moderate hike … I found his to be more gentle that any of the other six pack hikes that I’ve done so far. Road…


Hike was awesome. Perfect weather and great views the whole way. Got a screw stuck my tire on the way in. Otherwise this hike was…


Weather was amazing! So many flowers and the streams flowing. Can’t believe I’ve lived in Arizona all my life and this is my first hike…

Freemont Saddle

One of my favorite hikes. The weekend we hiked it was after the rain during the week. There were waterfalls running around and on the…

Weekend mamosa hike

Loved it. Good hike. Not a god aweful workout but a good way to start your day.

Fremont Saddle

Beautiful trail! We loved this hike – it mixed up the scenery along the trail. There had been rainstorms that led to flowing creaks near…

Fremont Saddle

We completed this hike 45 min faster than what the website had stated. We went after it had been raining all week and everything was…


We drove through some tough terrain to get to the trail head, but made it. Once there smooth sailing and beautiful hike!

Fremont Feast for the Senses

Hiking the day after a rainy stretch in the Valley meant a virtual feast for the senses!  The sight and sound of percolating water accompanied…

Solo Hike to Fremont Saddle

On the drive to the trailhead, the unpaved road section had some parts where there was water from the recent rain but the road was…

Clear Skies!

The rain had washed everything and you could see for miles!!  Wildflowers everywhere!  It was an amazing hike!

Freedom at Fremont

Fun hike! We ended up going past the saddle over to the end of the trail where you can get the best view of Weavers…

Back in the Saddle

Started the hike around 8:40am, took our time to the top. Wandered around the saddle awhile taking in the view of Weaver’s Needle. Beautiful 75…

Fremont Saddle

Beautiful day to get out and hike. Water was running and we even saw a baby desert tortoise!

Beautiful Hike to Weaver’s Needle

The road to the trail head was rougher then what I remember, but made it there and back (a little dustier than before) no problem.…

Fremont Saddle

The hike was beautiful. The trail conditions were good and easy to follow. The weather was great and got hot as the day went on.…

Saddle Up

I started this one before dawn as I knew I would need to climb 3 peaks on Saturday if my 2-day plan was going to…

Fremont Saddle as a Loop

Made a loop by starting up Bluff Springs trail, then cutting across the ridge to Fremont Saddle via the Cave Trail, and returning down the…

Saddle up

Did the loop and hit the Geronimo  cave via bluff springs trail


Beautiful weather, awesome views, great hike!


Fun hike! Dog friendly with amazing views.

Just a little superstitious

Loved this trail. This hike had everything, from breathtaking views, to wildflowers, wildlife, and water. The most enjoyable part for me was the fact that…

Fremont Saddle

Gorgeous views, great weather and the streams were flowing.

Saddle up for a fun hike

There was some heavy rain in the Valley before the hike, so it was a lot of fun crossing the water.  It was such a…

Free Peak

My favorite of the six!  Not as hard as the Flat Iron trail on the Superstition Mountain, but the views were amazing!

Fremont Frolly

Road out was LOTS of mud and a few water crossings,  after all the rain. What a gorgeous day to hike this and see the…

Fremont Saddle

Most beautiful hike ever- water was flowing, waterfalls, several water crossings and foliage was so green.  

Fremont Saddle

Loved hiking with a quail who followed us from the parking lot to the saddle and half way back to trailhead.

Fremont Saddle

What a fun hike!  We had a quail follow/lead us all the way to the saddle and part way back to the trailhead.  Also met…


This was a beautiful hike!  You could hear the creek which you crossed over on a couple of occasions.  The most amazing part was to…

Peralta – Fremont Saddle

Did this hike back in February. There was water flowing in the stream through Peralta Canyon, which the kids took advantage of.

Peralta Canyon

Beautiful hike, forgot it was Presidents Day so crazy crowded.

Weaving the Needle

Gorgeous sunny day in the high-60s. Surprisingly quite a bit of people on the trail for a Thursday morning with the parking lot ~80% full.…

3rd Fremont Saddle

Hike number 3 in the books!! The hike up to Fremont Saddle was amazing!! This was our first time hiking to Fremont Saddle!! Foot traffic…

Fremont Saddle

Awesome hike! One of my new favorites in the area. Great weather and  great views. Loved it!

Fremont Sadle

The trail was moderate and well marked. There are restrooms at the trailhead. The drive to the trailhead is on dirt road but it is…

Fremont Sale

Awesome weather today, great day for a hike. Hiked to Fremont Saddle via Peralta Trail with my sister, Yani. Easy hike. Lots of rocks.

Fremont Saddle

Awesome weather today, great day for a hike. Hiked to Fremont Saddle via Peralta Trail with my sister, Patty. Easy hike. Lots of rocks.

Amazing Fremont Saddle

Beautiful Day!  Started at 9:30 am with my husband with a bum knee and our Jack Russell Terrior Sam.  Sam absolutely loved the hike and…

Fremont Saddle

What an absolutely beautiful hike.   For me it was super easy.   There were lots of interesting landmarks to see, just use your imagination.…


Beginning of hike watch 8 mountain goats play on the peaks above.  Two babies were learning to navigate the cliffs.

Oh the beauty of AZ!

Absolutely breathtaking. Much more a relaxing hike than hardcore. Pack a picnic as you must stay for a while!

Fremont saddle via Peralta trail

Amazing hike!  Weather was great!  Not too much traffic this day!  So worth the hike up!  Stunning views at the saddle.

Freemont Saddle

Great day for a hike! Sunny and warm. Parking was full at the main trailhead, so had to park in the overflow a quarter mile…

Fremont part 2

Hiked to Fremont and then to Weaver’s Needle 3200ft in elevation and 9.9 miles.  This was intense and fun

Friday Fremont Friend’s Hike

What a beautiful day to hike in the Superstition Mountains. It was a clear, sunny day—which gave way to a beautiful hike. After a short…

After the Rain

Beautiful, sunny in the low 70’s weather.  Rain from earlier in the week left some running water near the trail.  There were plenty of hikers,…

Fremont Saddle

It was a beautiful day for an Arizona hike! Just enough cloud cover to keep it from feeling too hot. The view from the Saddle…

He Ha

Great holiday hike.  Trail crowded after 10

Favorite hike in Arizona

I lead a group of 13. Peralta to Fremont Saddle, beyond to the Lone Tree, then descended on the Cave Trail back to parking lot.…


Was a holiday and trail was busy. Beautiful day lots of dogs.

Peralta to Fremont Saddle

Sunrise hike to the saddle. I tried to time it so that I would make it to the saddle just at sunrise but didn’t leave…

Fremont Saddle

Peralta trail is very popular and can get crowded quickly. Once you hit the saddle, if you follow the trail to your right, it will…


Nice hike. Easiest one so far and great scenery.

Fremont Saddle

Quick morning hike with beautiful views! 3 down, 3 to go! #sixpackofpeaks

Fremont Saddle

Fun day hike with friends! Nice trail, well maintained. Busy trail.

Nothing Free about Fremont

Today was a beautiful day. This was tough climbing in some places. Beautiful rocks and even some green grass. This is one I would be…

The slow trudge up Fremont saddle

Good scenery and a very easy hike. I must say this is one of my least favorites only because you didn’t really top out at…

Fremont Saddle

Nice cloudy day with temps in the 50s.  Hiked with a group of 5 ladies and had a great hike to the saddle–then decided to…

East Valley Landmark

Moderately challenging hike into Superstition Wilderness. Magnificent view of the iconic Weaver’s Needle from Fremont Saddle. A wonderful hike.o

Freemont Saddle

Hike was good. Glad I went with two friends who have also accepted the challenge.

My new favorite trail

We started early and it was chilly but we warmed up quickly with the gradual elevation increase. This was a beautiful hike!

This might be our new favorite!

This was my first time on this trail and I’m in love. It is a perfect combination of elevation, distance and views for days. Also…

Fremont Saddle

Trail conditions has some spots of loose rocks but otherwise in good shape.  Weather was beautiful as was the scenery.  Nice people also on the…

Fremont Saddle from Peralta trail head

Hiked to Fremont Saddle from the Peralta Trail head. Then over to Ridgeline trail to catch Carney Springs. Down Carney to the Lost Gold mine…


We moved to AZ almost 1 year ago, and we’ve hiked all around the Phoenix metro area.  This was by far the best hike we…

13-Mile Hike

I completed the 13-mile loop of Peralta Trail to Dutchman’s Trail to Terrapin Trail to Bluff Springs Trail — The hike was strenuous after ascending…

Freemont Saddle

Peralta trail to Fremont Saddle is very rocky. It gets windy the higher up you get so bring a light jacket. I will do again.

Fremont Saddle

Very rocky trail with mosquitos near the water. Bring a jacket gets windy

Mainah hikes Freemont Saddle

Left work and headed for Peralta trail under nearly a full moon. Spent the night on Freemont Saddle and woke t ok a stellar sunrise.…

Journey to the Lone Tree

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a hike. And Fremont Saddle was the perfect start to this Challenge for me. We made it to the…

Not a peak, but beautiful

Quite a hike to get there but worth going down a slightly washed out gravel road. Great hike.

Here’s to a 3rd

Started around 9:40 am after heading from camelback mountain. Legs weren’t too bad, stretch, some coffee and breakfast and up I went. With the spring…

Weavers Needle

Fremont Saddle Hike via Peralta Canyon. Dec 30, 2019 @1:39 PM. Total Distance: 5.9 miles. Elevation Gain: 1,600 ft. I started this hike right after…

Icy Climb Up, Views Worth the Struggle

Never hiked this trail before, so wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Overall trail was rough, primitive, with multiple water crossings, and beautiful…

Peaceful Needle

What a beautiful hike!! The whole hike I just wanted to stand and take in the 360 degree scenery. I felt good during this whole…

A Needle points the way

Simple Hike with special views. I can definitely see why this is a tourist attraction.


Nice hike with great weather!


Heard the creek the whole first mile. Started late 1:30 pm, so 80% of the time I was in the shade, I did get a…

Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle

One of the more scenic hikes in the Superstitions.Great trail with awesome views! Steady incline that has some steeper inclined toward top, but nothing that…


Kick ass hike as always.  Loved hike with 2 beautiful ladies.  Weather was perfect and went early to avoid the crowd.

I’m not that clever

First time in the sups and i already can’t wait to come back. Gorgeous day, fairly easy hike 🙂


Good weather. Not a lot of people on trail, but did start early

Saddle Up!

Been a while since i’ve done one of my fav trails. It was a beautiful morning, the sunrise in the canyon never disappoints. Peak 1…

Made it to the Roost!

We did the Carney to Cave trail loop. We found Robbers Roost, made it to Fremont Saddle and finished down bluff to Peralta trailhead. The…

Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle

Less people than I expected from the AllTrails reports. Dirt road had areas of washout, but still passable for all cars except low clearance cars…

Fremont Saddle by Peralta Trail

Road out to the trailhead was a little rutted from all the rain, but still easily passable. Got a late start so it was pretty warm,…

Halfway There!

3 down, 3 to go!! Halfway through our challenge we decided to tackle Fremont Saddle via Peralta Trail. The views were to die for, the weather…

Pretty Fremont

Fremont was beautiful and it was my first time there. Very well could have been my favorite! I loved the area and the scenery!!

HIking with the girls

There was 5 of us girls / coworkers. This was the easier of all the hikes but my favorite.  Loved having the water running close…

The Desert Treasure

From all the rain this past week, the trail was more like a creek and the surrounding rocks hovering over you were flowing waterfalls. The…

Group hike to Fremont Saddle

Trail was great, some loose rock but I hiked it with my 5yr old daughter who made it up no problem. There are a few…


Beautiful day for the hike.  Cool and slightly overcast.  Views were amazing at every elevation change.

Pre-Thanksgiving Hike

Trail was in great condition.  Some running water but nothing that hindered our hike. It actually added a new twist we’ve not encountered.  The views…