Ontario Peak

Beautiful day!  Weather was nice.  Just a little warm towards the end.

Ontario Peak

Hiked this with my parents.  It was a nice day and a lot of climbing.

Ontario Peak

What a wonderful day to get up to the peak.  The temperature was perfect, a little on the cool side to make a wonderful hike…

Summitted “O” with a bonus

Nice trail and awesome views. After Ontario Peak, we also summited Bighorn Peak. We hiked the loop going to Icehouse saddle, trail is very sketchy…

Ontario Peak

One of my favorites. Mountain and Valley views were beautiful!

Ontario Peak

Great hike. 7:45 am- 2:15 pm. Temperatures comfortable at that elevation. Just a few otter hikers on a Thursday.

First Time up Ontario Peak

Ontario was my fourth Six Pack of Peaks. It was a wonderful journey to make with the Slothy Hikers. Our group started with 9 @slothy_socal_hikers…

Conquered Ontario!

This is a tough hike but we had perfect weather and views today.  Water was flowing at the beginning which is always such a great…

Ontario Beauty

One of my favorite hikes, especially once past Icehouse Saddle.

Ontario Peak

Great weather – pretty cool.  Beautiful scenery.


It was beautiful clear blue sky. The temperature was nice in the morning but a little too hot in the afternoon when summit the peak.…

Ontario Reign on Me, baby!

I loved this hike and this peak! I did “The Big 3” with Ontario being the first to summit. Big Horn obviously was second and…

Ontario Peak

Perfect day for a hike! The skies were clear and blue, allowing for fabulous views. It was windy at Icehouse Saddle, but this was intermittent…


I arrived at Icehouse Saddle parking lot at 5:45am and the parking lot was full. This place is becoming absurd. I parked down the street…

Ontario Peak

was a nice hike with amazing view to san inland empire and mt baldy, im in love with this hike!

Fifth Peak

Started at the Icehouse Canyon Trailhead at 7am and summited Ontario at 10, then hiked to Bighorn. 9 hours of hiking in total, 26km.

Ontario Peak

Windy at times, started at 4:20am coming down it got hot after saddle. Heard rattle snakes close to the peak. Had to crawl and hop…

Ontario Peak

Trying to avoid the heat of the weekend we started 4:20. Surprisingly for us, it was windy; that helped a lot with the weather. The…

Shaded creek

There were some old destroyed rock homes at the beginning. great creeks, green vegetation, mostly shaded extept for the last mile before the peak.

Ontario Peak

Sunny day at Ontario Peak with lots of friendly faces. It was great connecting with people on the trail.

Ontop Ontario


Cloudy below Ontario

Weather was cool. LA basin fogged in with June glume. A good day for a hike.


After summiting Cucamonga peak i jumped over to Big Horn and finished at Ontario Peak. Complete hike distance 17.26 mile and 5,515 ft elevation gain.…

The CBO – Ontario

See my other post about Cucamonga on the same day for details. Ontario Peak was the third peak on this run, which I approached from…

Ontario Peak

Excellent day to tackle Ontario Peak. Weather started in the 50’s and rose only to the 60’s. Plenty of shade starting early at 7:30 Am,…

Ontario Peak

Memorial Day Weekend.  Left LA at 5am.  Was on trail by 6:15am.  Snagged a parking spot in the lot.  Was with a group of 7…

Ontario Peak

Gorgeous day on the trail. Overcast day in SoCal, so the cloud covered view from the summit was epic.

Ontario peak – BYOB

Great day for this one. Perfect weather. No bugs. Blue skies with giant field of fluffy clouds. There is a beer bottle cap removal device…

Ontario Peak

Camp out at Kelly Camp and hike Ontario Peak before sunrise, then detoured to Bighorn Peak.  Great hike. But no water source in camp site.

First overnight hike

First overnight hike went well. We stayed overnight at Kelly camp and went up in the morning. Weather wasn’t too cold at night and perfect…

Mt Ontario

Started at Icehouse Canyon trailhead. Went to Cucamonga, Bighorn, then Ontario. Round trip took 6h 16m of hiking for 15.54 miles and 5,456ft of elevation…

Double Header

Perfect Day!  Did a little off trail to get up to Big Horn first before going over to Ontario Peak!.

Ontario Peak

Perfect weather to hike. The trail was well marked and easy to follow. Tne view of the Baldy was cool.

Ontario 2fer1 hike day

Ontario Peak was our 2nd SoCal 6POPC of day! 1st was Cucamonga, Big Horn then Ontario. the weather was perfect!

Three peaks in one day

Easy to follow.  We did Cucamonga, big horn (trail not that well marked) and Ontario. Cucamonga and Ontario easy to follow. Beautiful views as always.

Ontario Peak

Beautiful hike up to Ontario Peak. The views are absolutely spectacular!

First time up Ontario Peak

Perfect day for hiking – temps in 50s and 60s. Lots of hikers on a Saturday though, but not too busy at the peak.

Ontario Peak [05/20/2022] Peak 5/6

There were some downed trees towards the end on the way up to either go under or climb up. Absolutely beautiful views at the top…

Ontario Peak

Easy parking on a thursday morning. Trail condition is good and easy to follow. It wasn’t crowded, we even had the peak to ourselves.

5 Down

Great weather for hiking.

Ontario Peak

Arrived to Icehouse Canyon trailhead at 6:45 am on a Sunday and parking lot was totally full and street parking already stringing down the road.…


Little hot but a great day

Ontario and Bighorn Peaks

Great day. Not sure if I didn’t eat enough last night or if the elevation got to me, but I felt a bit slow today.…

Ontario Peak

An amazing day for a hike.  A cool 39 degrees at the trailhead to start. Blue skies and sunshine on the mountain.  Full-on clouds in…

Ontario Peak

Trail time with some of my @hikebeyondthehills crew to Ontario Peak. New faces, new hikers, new friends and old friends! And oh yeah, a rattlesnake…

Hike 5 -Ontario Peak

Another great hike with the Hike Beyond the Hills group.  Nice sunny day with light breeze. I enjoy this trail and it was great to…


Well maintained trail up to the summit.  So many hikers.  Rattlesnake was under the rock.

Beautiful Ontario

Finally made it to Ontario,  has been postponing due to the snow. First time hiking with the group Hiking beyond the Hills… it was a…


Hit Cucamonga and Ontario in one trip.  Looong day.


AM 7;50 Start AM 11;30 Summit PM 2;30 Parking lot

Double peak bagger PEAK TWO

  After descending down from Cucamonga Peak it was time for a well earned  break at Icehouse Canyon. Then I proceeded up the next peak…

Ontario via Falling Rock

Very steep off-trail hike with plenty of 3rd class scrambling. Was nice to get away from the crowds on the Icehouse Canyon Trail, but the…

Ontario Peak

Great weather. A bit windy and cold at the Saddle. It’s a busy trail with multiple groups going to Ontario Peak and Cucamonga Peak.

Ontario Peak

It was a great hike Altho rockiness takes its toll when going down. Beautiful views from different angles. Wasn’t expecting Ontario Peak to have such…

Ontario peak #7

Beautiful day! About a mile longer than AllTrails says.

Ontario Peak

Nice solo hike early in the morning.  Great sunrise.

Ontario Peak

It was a nice hike! a little windy & hot also lots of bees at the top

Birthday Hike

Beautiful weather, some patches of snow, fun terrain.

The Mountain of Cities

Beautiful view of the city, long grueling hike but manageable, weather was perfect.

The Mountain of Cities

Beautiful view of the city, long grueling hike but manageable, weather was perfect.

Sixth Peak But Won’t Be The Last

This was a long hike but not as steep and difficult. It was cold and windy at times but overall cool weather making the hike…

Ontario peak

There’s some snow on the trail after the saddle.  The view is beautiful

Ontario Peak

Ontario Peak. Started at the Icehouse Canyon Trail head.  Didn’t encounter any snow until .10 miles past the Icehouse saddle. Took Falling Rock Canyon on…

3rd Peak of the Day

Ontario Peak was my 3rd peak that day. After summitting both Cucamonga Peak and Bighorn my group and I headed to Ontario Peak from Bighorn.…

Ladies Hike

It was a beautiful day, chilly but comfortable. We started hiking around 7am. There was no snow on  the trail until we passed the saddle.…

Snowy Trails to You….

Today we hiked to Ontario Peak. There is still a lot of snow on the trail past Ice House Saddle. We wore microspikes,  but there…

Ontario Peak

Started the hike early in the morning. Parking was not an issue at all. The first half of the trail was fine, very well maintained.…

Ontario Peak

Hiked with about 30 people. For many of us, including myself, it was our first time hiking in snow. We brought micro-spikes, and they helped…

Ontario peak

Had an amazing timeon saturday hiking ontario!!!

Ontario Peak

Weather was great. It warmed up quickly though causing slushy and slippery snow. I wouldn’t advise doing this one just yet unless you have  crampons…

Ontario Peak

This hike was very challenging because of the snow on the trail, micro-spikes and poles help.

The crazy Overnighter

Could not ask for a more challenging  hike. Not the best of times to go, snow was still deep.

Ontario Peak

Hiked to Ontario Peak and Bighorn Peak. From the saddle on up there was a lot of snow, so recommend appropriate gear and clothing. Not…


It was a challenging hike. I went a group of 8. I haven’t really gonna a hike like that since… well, since I was in…

Super Bowl Day hike

We started the hike at 7:30 am on February 13, 2022. There were only a few groups of people on the first 2 miles. After…

“Ontario Peak”

It was difficult. Wasn’t the normal trail, it was mountaineering level.

Ice Ice Ontario Peak

STOP, grab your poles and listen, micro spikes are not the best invention, CRAMPONS will work just nicely, grip that snow and ice so tightly,…

Ontario Peak, I’d wait for a bit

Complete Video of the hike.  https://youtu.be/-0mW9V_ewuM So was going to do Cucamonga Peak, but upon reaching Icehouse Canyon Saddle, and seeing very few tracks leading…

Ontario Peak

Took a total of 12 hours to complete the full hike. It was one of the most challenging peaks I have completed but will definitely…

Last hike of 2021. Ontario Snow Day.

Latest video of my hike to Ontario Peak. Overall, a really difficult hike.  Intermittent snow from the parking lot.  It was pretty constant from the…

Snowy Ontario Peak

What a beautiful day for a hike to Ontario Peak.  It snowed a few days ago so the last 3 miles of the trail had…

Ontario Peak

Weather was good. Trail had snow after we crossed saddle.

Ontario Peak #5

“The view is always worth the climb” Wow this peak has been my favorite so far. It was such a beautiful hike with all the…

Ontario ghost

Ghost while decending   Day started normal as usual 3.50 am get ready for a nice 2.20 hour drive. Once at the parking lot it…

Ontario Peak

Beautiful day. Trail was pretty busy overall, the weather was also a little chilly but very doable. Pretty steep switchbacks so be prepared for a…

All for the bottle opener

Beautiful weather very long trail. Lots of hikers on top waiting for a photo with famous Ontario Peak tree.

Ontario Pup

Awesome hike. The trail from Icehouse saddle to Ontario Peak has a few fallen trees across the trail that you have to jump over. The…

Ontario Peak

Wow, wow, wow! I definitely saved the best for last! What a beautiful hike! I know I said that up until Wednesday, Mt Wilson was…


I’m happy I completed this peak. Weather was grate!! My group was amazing. But my toes are sore from the last two miles.

Fun hike with my hiking sisters

Perfect weather for a hike! What a view from the peak.  Last mile or two on the hike down was tough because of the terrain…

Ontario Peak

Such a beautiful view at the top. Loved this hike. There were a lot of huge trees that had fallen and were blocking the trail…

Ontario peak

Super windy and a bit chilly, other than that a beautiful hike, very challenging.

Windy way up to Ontario

Super chilly and windy day for our hike but the views at the top were well worth it. Hiked on a Friday so not crowded…

Ontario + Bighorn (on Cucamonga Take 2)

Omg so cold! But sooooo beautiful! Ended my 6-pack with a 3-fer: Cucamonga, Ontario, and Bighorn! Kept looking for sheep, but no dice 🙁 LOVE…

Ontario Peak for the first time

Absolutely stunning gorgeous hike way better than Cucamonga. Very few people on the trail day b4 thanksgiving. Tough but felt so good! Just under 12…

Ad that was number SIX!!!!!!!!

peacfull hike almost no one on the trail and I think I was the first to summit Ontario Peak this morning. Great hike overall maybe…

Almost there!

Another gorgeous day to finish off our 12-Pack of Peaks Challenge! Although the days are shorter, I really love hiking when the trails aren’t so…

Beautiful Hike to Ontario Peak

It was a beautiful day to hike to Ontario peak- in the 50s, maybe colder to start in the am so just wear layers.  Even…

Ontario Peak

This hike was by far the coldest. Didn’t last long at the summit because of the cold winds.

Ontario Peak

This time around it was really windy and cold at the peak.

Windy Peak

I enjoyed this windy and cold hike with my friends.  I’m happy I was able to complete it despite being super tired and sleepy.  Grateful…

Beautiful Ontario peak

Hike #4 for this challenge Went to this beautiful well maintained and clear trail with a group of seven friends, we finished this 12.5 miles…

Ontario Peak

Decided to do the mountaineers route on this one and it was totally worth the extra challenge! Doable for beginners as well.

Ontario Peak

Beautiful weather and great trail conditions. Met many friendly hikers / trail runners along the way. Combined with Cucamonga and my legs are sore today.

Ontario Peak

I hiked Ontario Peak back in November 14. The weather was perfect! Started off a little cool and fresh and as the day went by…

Ontario Peak

“Hiking is not escapism; it’s realism. The people who choose to spend time outdoors are not running away from anything; we are returning to where we…

El Tercero de Seis

Un día muy agradable para escalar la montaña comenzamos mi amiga y yo  a las 6:30 de la mañana nos tomó 5:50 hr en total!…

What was I thinking!!

For some crazy reason, probably because we were already there, we decided to do Ontario Peak after we did Cucamonga Peak.   We had to…

Ontario and Cucamonga 2fer!

We did Cucamonga first and then went back to the saddle and did Ontario to wrap up our 6 pack! Tough day! 18.1 miles!


I have no words. What a day!!

Clear skies at Ontario Peak

Clear sunny  skies . Cool comfortable temps high 60s today. Trails on the way to the peak in good condition, easy to follow.  Strenuous but…

Ontario Peak

Very similar pathway as Cucamonga Peak but much easier; made it on our first try!

Ontario peak

A bit rocky and fall leaves on the lower trail. Fog in the cities and lower land creating amazing view on the top. No fog…