Picacho Peak

Very challenging and fun hike. We got on the trail at sunrise and ran into two other pairs hiking on the way up. On the…

Pika pika cho

CABLES! Weather was perfect. Temps were around 70 and not a lot of wind. Clear daaaaaaaayzzzzz

knee cracker

Amazing hike, certainly one of the best in AZ. Challenging and beautiful. I would recommend going on a weekend if possible.    

Picacho Peak

Definitely the most scrambling and climbing of any of the trails 😅

Picacho Peak

Good steady hike. 1st time for me. Some wind today, but good temps. Lots of flowers blooming. Parking Lot was pretty full by 830am.

Picacho Peak

Amazing hike. A little cloudy but still beautiful. 4 down & 2 more to go 💪🏼

Photographer fired

Had an amazing hike with a new friend and had a lot of fun with the steep cable pull rises but my photographer kept my…

Nothing but flowers at Picacho!

Each time I hike this one it keeps getting better and better!  This time got to see all of the wildflowers blooming.  Truly a sight…

Posies and Picacho

The super bloom at Picacho Peak was on full display for us as we hiked to the summit of Picacho Peak. Because of the popularity…

Beautiful Superbloom Hike!

Beautiful hike!! The superblooms were amazing especially from the top of the mountain. Gloves were SO helpful w/ the cables and even saw a few…

Picacho Peak racing sunset.

I got a late start at about 4:15 and you are supposed to be off the trail by sunset (6:30) so I was hustling.  I…

Picacho peak

Awesome trail grew up about 30 miles away and have never done this peak. Great day for hiking.