Piestewa Stairmaster Completed!

It was a beautiful morning to hike.  Piestewa can get REALLY busy on the weekends but this morning (Wednesday at 8am) there was very few…

Morning hike

A nice mid-week morning hike so the trail wasn’t too crowded and the parking was good. Weather was a bit warm/sun was strong, but overall…

Piestewa and Freedom trail

Added the Freedom trail loop to increase mileage and elevation gain Nice day, nice workout, great friends

Piestewa Peak

Hike was steep but doable. Signs were well posted and view at top was worth the hike.

Piestewa peak

I had never done this one, but it was on my list of ones to do, so it worked out doing it for the challenge.…


Definitely a cardio kicker, stair master hike. Beautiful views for sunrise or sunset. Lots of steps and sharp rocks. Watch your step!

First hike done!

Great afternoon hike!  Went at 2pm wasn’t crowded and weather was perfect 80 degrees.  Tested out my new hiking boots and getting them ready for…

Piestewa Peak Sunrise

Since this is a heavily trafficked trail, we started at 6:15am with the goal to catch sunrise at the peak and did just that…to make…

Piestewa Peak #1

We got there around 6am right before the sunrise and hiked with headlamps. The hike is a consistent elevation gain and I personally struggled a…

Uncleverly titled Piestewa Peak

Quiet hike despite many people present. Didn’t see any pets or trash. There was a friendly atmosphere. Beautiful sunset.

A piece of the pie

Not just a piece of the pie but the whole thing, starting with the circumference trail and then up to the peak. A perfect morning,…

A piece of the pie

I not only got a piece of the pie but i hiked around the whole mountain. A great morning, a great parking spot and a…

Warmup with Piestewa

Piestewa was a clear choice for my first peak of the challenge as I can ride my bike to the trailhead. The weather was a…

Piestawa Peak

It was warm on the way up but luckily we got a breeze at the summit which stuck with us on the descent. It was…

First of Six

Good Hike with Amanda and Tara. A lot of traffic

Piestewa Peak

Got there early.  Grabbed a parking spot.  Bit crowded.

Squaw Peak

2nd on my list.. Piestewa Peak..


Nice evening. Not too busy.

Spreading the good word about 6PoP

Reached the summit and got to share the good word about the challenge with other hikers who asked what we were up to. It was…

Clouds the real MVP

Windy and cloudy. Which was very welcome. A bit crowded but overall great!

My First Ever 6-Pack Hike!

Weather was great. Trail was crowded. We got to the trailhead around 6:40 AM and the main parking lots were already full. Luckily someone was…

We’re almost there!

My Friend Blanca and I took on the Summit Trail at Piestewa Peak. It was a very challenging hike with about 5 rest stops and…


Busy trail in rough condition. Bugs were annoying at the very peak.

1st of 6

First hike complete with my 7 year old!!! We had an amazing time.

“Honeybee at the Peak”

Ok so the trail conditions were good. It’s maintained well. I wore a pair of flat soles sneakers. Now it is a climb or I…


Nice day. Trail not too crowded.

Piestewa Peak Summit

We hiked the perimeter trail to begin with, which added another 3 miles before climbing towards the peak. Just for fun! It was an excellent,…

Piestewa Peak

I enjoyed the hike. Hiked with David and other memento of the AAA group. First time with the group, everyone was so nice. Weather was…

Freedom Trail / Piestewa Peak Summit

Requirements: You must love stairs. You must have long legs. 🙂 So we did a loop that started on the Freedom Trailhead with several elevation…

Caren’s Birthday Hike

Soooo…in commemorate of my 43rd birthday… Yes…another year older…this hike today was about remembering that as we face challenges in life… even though they may…



Piestewa Peak

Didn’t start Piestewa until a little after 3:00 PM – Piestewa was an elusive hike, reminiscent of Agua Caliente with intermediate peaks that tease you…

The best view of Phoenix

My first hiking  in Phoenix and it was very pleasant to hike in the state of Arizona. The trail is a short trail with 2.2…

At last, Piestewa.

Great hike to finish the challenge! Came from Tucson and at parking lot at 5 45 am and it was pretty packed. I had intended…


Fun hike with my hiking buddy Lynda!  We did a double!!  Great weather, started early.

Sunset on Piestewa

This hike is beautiful. It’s short but mighty as well. You get 360 views on most of the Arizona peaks which is amazing.

The Cowles of Phoenix

My fourth peak in two days. I knew this peak was going to crowded, much like Cowles Mtn in San Diego. I was right. The…

Piestewa – Phoenix Fave

I’ve done Piestewa multiple times,, so challenged myself by going the day after I did Picacho Peak. It’s a heavily trafficked trail that’s out and…


Great hike, but lots of people because of Spring Break!

Piestewa Peak

Beautiful 82 degree day without a cloud in the sky. Lots of people of varying ages. Great trail with lots of space to navigate around…

Piestewa Peak

Beautiful 82 degree day without a cloud in the sky! Lots of people of varying ages. Trail was in great shape with lots of room…

Picacho Peak

I love this hike. A little crowded but we started early and were able to avoid some of the crowds.

Piestewa Peak summit

I did this hike at night. Started at about 7pm, summited at 8:16pm. Climbed around on top for 45mins for pics and made it back…

Piestewa Pitfalls

Piestewa is definitely a heart-pounding climb as proven by the number of trail runners hoofing it to the top!  It is a very rocky but…

Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300

The weather was excellent for most of the hike, only got hot towards the end of our descent. Not too crowded, was able to park…

Piestewa peak

It was a great hike, took us 2 hours and 17 minutes roundtrip. I twisted my ankles a few time but i made it. The…

Piestewa Peak

Beautiful day, amazing hike and view from the top.  I like this mountain much better than Camelback 🙂

Picacho Peak

This hike was much cooler than I expected. A good amount of cable-assisted climbing. Amazing views from the top. Look forward to doing it again.

The Turtle on Piestewa

I’m old and slow, but I still GO… The trail wasn’t too crowded, I went on  Tuesday afternoon, took my time and got up to…

Camelback Mountain (aka Torture!)

I had not hiked this mountain in years, and now I remember why!   I forgot how much you have to use both legs and arms…

Piestewa peak

Great hike ! One of my favorite hike ! ????

Piestewa Peak

Was tougher than I remembered. Hadn’t hiked this in years. Hikes with my niece she scrambled right up. Oh to be young.

Piestewa – halfway done!

It was a beautiful day to climb the stairs…I mean Piestewa peak. Busy trail with lots of trail runners and people in general. It felt…

Pretty Piestewa

This is my favorite urban trail. It is very easy to follow with what feels like built in stairs to the top. The summit was…

Number Uno

First one down. Was a beautiful Thursday. Lots of hikers, but not overly busy.

Dora the Explorer

This was my absolute favorite hike of the whole challenge. I did not wear gloves and should have but it was a lot of fun…

Piestewa Stroll

Well groomed trail; arrive early for less crowds. Parking is plentiful even with the construction. Pretty simple and short hike; views were awesome.

Summiting Piestewa

Second time completing this hike. We started our hike right before noon. Busy trail but not packed. Great 360 views at the peak. Amazing 70…


Knocked this one out quickly as ive done it a bunch. 45 up and 23 down. Great views as always!

Piestewa Peak

Nice weather, lots of people on the trail.

Piestewa peak

Went there on a weekday at 9am. Go early if you want less people and less crowds. Def a better experience not in the summer

Always better the 2nd time

Did this same hike last year and was intimidated by it but was able to relax & enjoy it this time, making it a lot…

Party Crowd at Piestewa

On this day I had initially planned to hike The Flatiron. However when I got to the parking lot I found out they were limiting…

Friday Pie Day!

Today’s hike up to Pie’s summit was a gorgeous 70 degree lunch hike. The mountain was packed with people the entire way spanning an age…

It was a pleasure Piestewa

Beautiful Arizona morning at 60 degrees. The trail is a swift up and same coming back down. Rocks can get a little jagged and some…

Early Morning Stair Climb!

Up the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300 and picked up Trail #302 on the return which goes around behind Piestewa Peak.  Would recommend for anyone…

Piestewa Peak

This was hike two of two for the day. A lot of elevation gain in the short distance to the top but it was a…


Steeper and rockier than expected, challenging but rewarding.

Back to Piestewa

There’s always a lot of traffic on this trail. Take a comfortable mask because it gets congested and the trail can be narrow.

People, people, everywhere!

This is the first time doing this hike since last years challange.  We have been doing alot of other, less traveled trails so once dreamy…

Dream’n of Pie

Tried starting from Dreamy Draw to get a little more mileage and it ended up being the perfect distance & incline. We started at sunrise…

Piestawa Peak

Second peak of the day. We huffed and puffed, but we made it! Great hike.

Hike 2 same day.

Peak two today….crazy busy but what a challenge. A helicopter came by while we were hanging out.

Piestewa Peak

Even on a weekday afternoon, this trail was packed with people. It’s a quick climb to the top with views of Camelback and the city.…

Piestwa Peak

Great challenging hike with a steady climb. Beautiful views at top of whole valley.  Beautiful sunset. Some scrambling.

Fun cable sections at Picacho Peak

This is such a fun hike. Challenging but the cable sections are so fun. Gorgeous payoff at the end. I‘ll definitely do this one again.


Arrived at the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail around 7:40am – it was about 48 degrees F and was able to snag a parking spot even…

Piestewa Ass Kicker

It rained all high and was raining when I arrived. Trail is slick but manageable!  Great hike as always and not crowded today.

Hike #1 of 6

The hike was awesome, but challenging(as its all uphill climb)! The weather was great as storms are moving in towards Phoenix, so there was a…


Great hike amazing views of the valley, cool weather and lots of people.


Great hike and nice cool weather, lots of people!

Piestewa Peak

Our second hike for the day after Camelback Mountain. Our plan was a sunset hike so we started around 1530. When we got to the…

Piestewa Peak

1/22/2021. Short hike but involved some rock scrambling. Well marked & in good condition trail. No shades. Glad it was a breezy afternoon otherwise the…

Piestewa Peak!

Morning hike with my friend visiting from the Midwest!


The weather was beautiful. The sunrise was gorgeous. It was very crowded going down.


Great hike and weather, beautiful views

Pistewa Morning

A lot of people around, and very very few parking spots… it took us around 20 minutes to find a spot as there was a…

Piestewa Peak – Hike #1

I’ll be honest – I miss the winter edition with all of the colors and the trees, and the rich soil. Phoenix desert hiking doesn’t…

Pistewa Peak

Trail was very clean, the wheather wasn’t too bad and it was one of the easiest trails in the challenge.

Piestewa peak

An enjoyable city trail with great views and steady incline although short it gets the job done great leg workout despite the crowds it’s still…

Fighting the crowd to the top!

What a beautiful day we had!!! Unfortunately many other people felt the same in the trail was very, very crowded! But we made it to…

Piestewa Birthday Adventure

Trail conditions were very good. Many hikers out early in the morning and the weather was beautiful! A great start to this challenge and looking…

Birthday Hike

A great start to this adventure! The weather was beautiful and the sun had just started to rise. Many people on the trail but it…


Good workout hike

Piestewa Peak

The hike is a good hike. Lots of stairs, both actual stairs and natural rock stairs to get to the top. Fairly steep. Parking at…

Steps and more steps at Piestewa Peak

Piestewa Peak is like hiking on a steep stairmaster! It’s crowded but people are friendly.   The last bit to the top is steep but doable.…

2 peak Monday

Beautiful hike, started up later in the morning to avoid crowds, still a lot of people!

Worth the view!

My daughter and I began at the 302 trailhead and hiked the summit which is a 1200 ft elevation gain.  We then took the freedom…

Picacho peak

This trail was amazing! It was difficult for sure! Allow yourself plenty of time for single lines as you start to ascend to the peak.…

6 Peaks, here I come!

The trail was super busy at 8 am, but have never done this hike, so was not sure what time to get there. The weather…

Peak #3 in the books

Was a beautiful day for a hike and the trail was somewhat crowded, at least initially.

Picacho Peak

By the last day, I was done. You can tell by the number of pictures I take.

Piestewa Peak

This was my victory hike. The last peak of our 6-peaks in five days adventure.

Phoenix Hike

Hiked alone, another beautiful day for this hike. The picture is not too good, but effective

Leg Day Hike!

Pretty short and strenuous workout. The views are worth it!

First of the winter

Our first peak of the Arizona Winter 6 pack. Nice hike, short, but steep.

The Stairway to Victory

No rest for the weary. We had only the car ride from Pichaco to rest for our last hike. We found parking right by the…

Sun Hike in January

Parking was a bit of a challenge, but that’s to be expected on a beautiful sunny weekend day. Trail was a bit crowded, but we’ve…