Better than Work

An amazing amount of friendly people wirh huge smiles. Great day to not.go to work

Piestewa Slog

This was hike number 2 for the day after completing Camel back Mountain earlier in the morning.  The trail is well done but you will…

Potent Piestewa

Do not underestimate this hike! The shortness of it led me to think it wouldn’t be too bad but it was a beast from start…

Piestewa Peak

Great morning for a hike. Interesting trail with a combination of natural and man made features for the path. It has a big elevation change…


This is not my favorite hike, but it was a beautiful day!

Piestawa Peak

Started the hike with fairly overcast skies.  Nice breezes near the top.  Quite busy, but not surprising for this trail on a Sunday morning in…

Introducing SUPER DARIO!

When I flew to Phoenix to do the Arizona Winter Six-Pack, I had assumed I’d be doing all the hikes solo. Little did I know…

Picacho Peak

Haven’t hiked this one since around 2003.  Glad I remembered gloves 🙂

Piestewa Hike

Solo sunset hike. This hike is all too familiar. I prefer hiking it at sunset for the colors and city views as it gets dark.…

Heart of Phoenix

Great weather with 60F very sunny so it still got hot. Good trail condition, with a lot of ‘stairs’ for great short excercise:) Heavy traffic

Tuesday Hike

Trail was a little busy. Construction on Lincoln RD caused traffic. Fun hike.

Popular Piestewa

This one was an afternoon hike. Due to the popularity of the trail I parked my car from one of the overflow lots. There were…

1st Hike

Great hike, Will do it again.

Piestewa Peak

This was my second peak for the day after climbing to the Fremont Saddle in the morning. It was quite the uphill climb with quite…

Piestewa – Easy as Pie?

Hike #2.  Easier for me than Picacho, but still not as easy as pie.  About 50 minutes up with a few short breaks and 30…

1st hike

Great hike, would do it again.!

Piestewa Peak

Wasn’t terribly busy. Nice trail, but pretty straight up.


Trail was in great condition. I went mid day and not crowded at all!

Night Hike is best Hike

I have never done any night hiking before. Piestewa Peak is the perfect hike to do at night. Very safe for anyone to do. Will…

Piestewa Peak

Great hike again. There are “steps” almost all the way. Varying heights and not your average steps. Two sets of railings then up a rock…

Top of the Morn’in

Early morning start.  The weather was sunny but cool enough for a great hike. Encountered quite a few steps and rock. Feet or rubber tips…

First of the 6 peaks – Piestewa

This was at least the 10th time at Piestewa, every time it gets easier! Nice weather, great leg workout. Short but steep hike.

Fremont saddle

Great sunny day.. not too hot. Hiked with a group from our RV park in AJ. Beautiful views through the canyon and all along the…

Piestewa Peak

Great for a quick workout. Being close to the city there are crowds. Nice views at the top, but very windy. Was up and down…

Piestewa Peak + Freedom Trail Loop

Typical Piestewa summit and trail conditions ?. Not the most crowded I’ve seen it for a Friday morning. Did the Freedom Trail Loop as well…

First time hiking Piestewa!

It was a great day for hiking Piestewa! I started at 7:30am and there was plenty of parking, the weather was chilly but sunny and…

Piestewa Peak

This was my first of the six hikes and it was a leg burner. Harder coming down than going up but the view is incredible.…

Camel Back

Not a favorite trail, too man made not as natural. Now the trail was a good leg workout since it was like climbing stairs for…

Lighting the way

Cool morning hike up to the peak to watch the sun come up along the freedom loop. Only 3 hikers at the summit when arrived,…

Go Hike Piestewa Peak

Trail was super populated.  35+ People at the summit.  Lot of trash, gum and orange peels at the top. Saw several squirrels and smaller chipmunk…

Friday FUN day on the Peak!!

Beautiful morning to get a great hike in with the girls!!! This mountain has always been one of my “go to” for years!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Piestewa Peak

Did this hike right after finishing Camelback Mountain this morning. I drove past the Mesquite TH lot and ended parking at the one at the…

Piestewa Peakin’

This hike has always been one of my faves! A good leg burner. Windy and chilly today but  still beautiful!

Piestewa Peakin!

A bit windy and chilly today but one of my favorites! A good leg burner!

Piestewa Peak

Beautiful day for a hike! Busy but no problem parking with several trail runners putting in some hard work. We took our time and had…

Wherein I hit a new PR

Really nice day today – it was lightly drizzling at the beginning of my hike. About 1/3 of the way up I realized I was…

Stair master

First hike of the challenge with my friend! One down and 5 more to go!! Made great timing on this trail and excited for our…

Piestewa Peak

Lots of people Perfect 70 degree weather Beautiful 360 degree views

Piestewa Peak

Been up dozens of times, same trail, lots of people.

Its still Squaw to me!

First Summit complete! Started at 240 and ended at 6! Sunset on the mountain was beautiful. Haven’t been to squaw in probably over a decade!…

Piestewa Fun Times

This short yet mighty trail was fun but very busy. I started at sunrise and expected it to be busy given its proximity to the…

Piestewa Peak – Leveling Up

A good heart-pumping uphill, cardio workout, indeed. Lots of people on the trail and at the peak. Started around 830AM, lots of parking available. Beautiful…


Difficult but fun. Nice views


Beautiful clear day, light breeze

Misty and Challanging

This could have been Hawaii. I hiked through the mist and fog and was amazed at the toughness and layout of the trail. Wear gloves…

Trek to Piestewa

Very pleasant day – didn’t need a jacket even though it was in the mid-50s. Found a parking space right away. View from the top…


Hiked with my friend, we didn’t take any photos cause we lived in the moment. ? Here is tamales we made the Friday before. View…

Christmas at Piestewa

The day after Christmas felt like everybody and their brothers were there. I have hiked this trail several times but never have I seen it…

Holiday Hike

Christmas day hike, great cool weather! Always an amazing view of the Valley from the Summit?

Piestewa Peak

I love the challenge of this hike! The hike is short-ish, but so steep, I really got a great workout in. I do love that…

Winter Solstice on Piestewa

It was a calm and quiet hike for Winter Solstice in stark contrast to Winter Solstice last year with the rare planets aligned and large…

Piestawa Peak

A good tough hike with challenging rock stairs

Piestewa Peak

Great hike, would love to revisit for a sunset view

Piestewa Peak with Phobia factor

Beautiful cool desert day for this local hit hike. Done this many times before, first time here with my husband – hiking is not his…

Stairway to heaven

Was crazy stairs all the way! Clear day from after the rain, could see for miles. Beautiful!

Sunset Summit

We climbed Piestewa Peak at dawn to watch the sun set over the city from the top. Although I’ve hiked this trail many times, I’ve…

Piestewa playground

Trail conditions were near perfect. We went the morning after a good rainfall so there were a few puddles along the way, but it didn’t…

Piestewa Peak

Great hike during an early afternoon.  Fun climb up with some time spent on the summit talking in the views.


First hike of the challenge. Lots of wide footed stairs creates odd gait. Very busy trail even during the week. Steeper incline . Beautiful views…


Perfect weather, good warm up, short but a good little climb.

Piestewa Peak @ Sunrise

A short but invigorating heavily traveled trail with 1100′ gain in just 1.2 miles. Had a chance to watch the sunrise over the valley and…

Piestewa Peak

Great hike! Very steep and very uneven. I attempted to reach the summit in under 30 min. I finished in 34. So close!

Sister Peaks

Decided to bang out the two most popular summits in Phoenix back to back. Started with Camelback at the Echo Canyon Trailhead and summited while…

Piestewa and perimeter

This was my first time hiking this peak . It was definitely a challenge, but amazing views. Great facilities at the bottom as well.

Piestewa Peak!

Went up for sunrise and saw Ken Koshio playing his Japanese drums and flute, it was pretty cool.

Piestewa Stairmaster Completed!

It was a beautiful morning to hike.  Piestewa can get REALLY busy on the weekends but this morning (Wednesday at 8am) there was very few…

Piestewa Peak

The trail is well marked and maintained throughout the entire hike. It was very crowded on the day I hiked. The top has a great…

Morning hike

A nice mid-week morning hike so the trail wasn’t too crowded and the parking was good. Weather was a bit warm/sun was strong, but overall…


Drummer at sunrise!

Piestewa Peak

Nice hike to get started with the challenge!

Piestewa Peak

Hike was steep but doable. Signs were well posted and view at top was worth the hike.

Piestewa Peak 11.27.21

Challenge 2 of 6 long hike, difficult incline to the top with some scrambling…absolutely beautiful views from the top!

Piestewa and Freedom trail

Added the Freedom trail loop to increase mileage and elevation gain Nice day, nice workout, great friends

Piestewa peak

I had never done this one, but it was on my list of ones to do, so it worked out doing it for the challenge.…


Definitely a cardio kicker, stair master hike. Beautiful views for sunrise or sunset. Lots of steps and sharp rocks. Watch your step!

First hike done!

Great afternoon hike!  Went at 2pm wasn’t crowded and weather was perfect 80 degrees.  Tested out my new hiking boots and getting them ready for…

Piestwa Peak

Hiked with a daughter and friend in Phoenix 7 summit challenge which included Piestwa Peak. Was a great day, this was the second of 7…

Piestewa Peak Sunrise

Since this is a heavily trafficked trail, we started at 6:15am with the goal to catch sunrise at the peak and did just that…to make…

Piestewa Peak #1

We got there around 6am right before the sunrise and hiked with headlamps. The hike is a consistent elevation gain and I personally struggled a…

Uncleverly titled Piestewa Peak

Quiet hike despite many people present. Didn’t see any pets or trash. There was a friendly atmosphere. Beautiful sunset.

Starting the Day Off Right!

I love this trail in the morning! It is short and sweet and a wonderful way to start out the day🥰

A piece of the pie

Not just a piece of the pie but the whole thing, starting with the circumference trail and then up to the peak. A perfect morning,…

A piece of the pie

I not only got a piece of the pie but i hiked around the whole mountain. A great morning, a great parking spot and a…

Warmup with Piestewa

Piestewa was a clear choice for my first peak of the challenge as I can ride my bike to the trailhead. The weather was a…

First of Six

Good Hike with Amanda and Tara. A lot of traffic

Piestewa Peak

Got there early.  Grabbed a parking spot.  Bit crowded.

Piestawa Peak

It was warm on the way up but luckily we got a breeze at the summit which stuck with us on the descent. It was…

Squaw Peak

2nd on my list.. Piestewa Peak..


Nice evening. Not too busy.

Spreading the good word about 6PoP

Reached the summit and got to share the good word about the challenge with other hikers who asked what we were up to. It was…

Clouds the real MVP

Windy and cloudy. Which was very welcome. A bit crowded but overall great!

My First Ever 6-Pack Hike!

Weather was great. Trail was crowded. We got to the trailhead around 6:40 AM and the main parking lots were already full. Luckily someone was…

Piestewa Peak Hike

Hike was a little bit challenging but really fun. The trail was very busy.

We’re almost there!

My Friend Blanca and I took on the Summit Trail at Piestewa Peak. It was a very challenging hike with about 5 rest stops and…


Busy trail in rough condition. Bugs were annoying at the very peak.

1st of 6

First hike complete with my 7 year old!!! We had an amazing time.

“Honeybee at the Peak”

Ok so the trail conditions were good. It’s maintained well. I wore a pair of flat soles sneakers. Now it is a climb or I…


Nice day. Trail not too crowded.