Hike 2, Peak 2

Busy, busy trail, otherwise a very good morning workout

Piestewa Peak

Beautiful weather, good hike.  Had some headphones on and got lost in Motivational Talks.


Perfect weather for a great hike.

A Night to Remember – Piestawa

I have done this peak several times at sunrise and really wanted to do it a sunset/night. Arizona sunsets never disappoint and city lights are…

Piestewa at Night

Perfect weather for a hike! It was busy on the trail, but not crowded (probably because it was Tuesday and not the weekend).

Piestewa Peak

Good quick hike. Lots of traffic for a Monday morning.

Piestewa Peak

My partner and I hit the trail around 6:15am and surprisingly, we had plenty of company. As we neared the summit, we could hear the…

Got me a piece of the Pie-estewa!!

Great hike this morning with my friend, Anna. We hiked the Piestewa/Freedom Loop Trail(s) since only Piestewa seemed too short and easy! So we got…

Piestewa Peak/Freedom Loop

It was a bit crowded, even with a 6:30a.m. start but a good work out. We hiked up to Piestewa Peak Summit then down to…

Dreamy Draw to Piestawa Peak

It was a beautiful fall day.  The weather started off cool in the morning but by the time we finished it was in the 80’s.…


Hard trail, but views are stunning! Worth the hike.


completed same day after Camelback. Boy was it a bit rough on the feet after! Got through it though In one hour 20 minutes. Did…


Beautiful morning for this hike!

Piestewa Peak, Please

First peak in the books ✅ Great day hike, nice breeze flowing through. Heavily trafficked but not congested. Trail was closed late in the morning…

Piestewa Peak

Great hike! Completed Piestewa Peak + Freedom trail and worked counter clockwise. As always, there were many hikers on the trail on a Saturday morning.…

Piestewa peak

Beautiful weather, trail was a bit crowded as expected.


Weather was perfect … Not too hot not too cool.  Parking beforehand was a nightmare.  Had to hike alone because group couldn’t wait for everyone…

Piestewa Peak

Hike was great. Weather was mid 70s. We started our hike by going to the summit then did the trail that circled the mountain. Trail…

Piestewa Peak short but technical

This was day two of back to back hikes with Camelback being first and the shorter less climb Piestewa as day two. Strategy was to…


Well maintained and rock steps nearly all the way, except at the very top, which required some technical climbing.

Piestewa Peak

Hiked this on 11/2/2020 as the first of the six peaks in the AZ Winter Challenge. The mile up to the summit is always crowded.…

Pie was Heated Up

It’s been a year and a half since I hiked this trail. And last time I hiked it, I was carrying my 3 year old.…

HIking with the girls

Trail was good, not crowded.  Wasn’t able to go with the girls so had to make it up with my boyfriend.

Nice Urban Workout Hike

Definitely see why so many do this hike as a quick workout in the morning.  Offers just enough incline and distance without leaving you exhausted.

Piestewa Peak

Beautiful morning sunrise and a delightfully less crowded trail due to restrictions from covid-19.

Painful Piestwa Peak

Beautiful Cool Day for my last hike!  This hike was like a stairstepper on steroids.  It was nice and short but challenging.  Coming down and…

Social Distance Hiker Style

In the midst of this horrible time for the whole world, my little hiking trip seams so trivial, but I have to be honest, I…

Crowded hike

Hiked on Saturday   (11/07/2020) and it was pretty crowded! I got to the top in 34min, best time I’ve done in a while (in…

lots o’ geckos

Very nice, very accessible hike.  This one doesn’t mess around, the climb starts with the first step and really doesn’t relent until the top.  It’s…

Piestawa Peak

Well our early morning adventure took a detour, good thing we are flexible! We planned on Camelback but Cholla closed and Echo not open til…

A Social Distance of 2.4 Miles

Hiking this peak was anything but a quarantine effort.  The parking near the trailhead was so crowded that we had to park in a neighborhood…


This hike was one of the most challenging hikes I have accomplished. The weather was beautiful and I am so thankful I went with my…

Piestewa Peak Party

It’s a crowded trail and it is the reason I have avoided this peak for a very long time. HOWEVER, I really enjoyed the opportunity…

Peralta Trail

The hike was beautiful! The weather was perfect for hiking up, although did get warm coming down.

Jimmie’s Solo 6-pack

The trail was crowded both going up and coming down when I set out just as the sun was starting to set. I wasn’t ready…

What a climb!

Piestawa is always a challenge. Praise to the guys who installed the cables.

Nice easy hike to summit

Very easy summit trail heavily trafficked, out and back without drawing a bead of sweat…Rain approaching so I couldn’t explore the area much.

Piestewa Peak

Did this one back in February. There were a lot of people  for a Thursday morning.

Nice Urban Workout Hike

Definitely see why so many do this hike as a quick workout in the morning.  Offers just enough incline and distance without leaving you exhausted.🌅

Stair Stepper

This was probably my least favorite hike.  I must say that if just felt like I was climbing on a stair stepper.  Having said that,…

Pie Peak

If you like stair steppers, you will love this!  Nice moderate hike on a sunny day.

Formally Named squaw peak

– Amazing sunset but not a good idea to come down in dark without a head lamp. -heavy traveled

Sunset hike

Perfect weather , beautiful sunset . Bagged 2 peaks today ✅

Piestowa – Sunset

Awesome new parking and facilities.  One of my favorite trails in town.

Piestewa Peak

It’s been a little over a year since I last did this hike and a lot has changed.  The construction in the main parking area…

Pies after Piestewa

Was a beautiful day for a hike. There were quite a lot of people on the trail, but was able to make good time and…

Friday Fun Day

Very crowded today, there is a soccer tournament or something going on and I think EVERY team decided to hike this mountain. It was still…

Peak of Piestewa

Perfect day for hike. The weather could not have been better. I hiked with one of my besties C.  She kept me motivated to push…

Ultimate Stairmaster

Cool and breezy this morning. No problem parking, and not too many people on the trail and at the peak. Lots and lots of steps…

Bringing Back the Oldies

I had hiked this back in 1996 when it was Squaw Peak. It was still the enormous stair-stepper and definitely a cardio burner (especially after…

Piestawa PeK

Beautiful Phoenix winter weather.  The trail was very busy.

Hangry Hike

Beautiful weather. Should have eaten before the hike…did not feel well but finished and headed straight to Sprouts!

Sunday Funday!

A great hike. Those stairs are a bitch though! The views are awesome! Pretty busy with a lot of  folks who don’t know how to…

Steppin’ For Bacon

If you want a good leg burning workout…this is the hike for you! Stairs, stairs, stairs! Climb 1,128 feet in 1.18 miles . The weather…

Piestewa Peak

A balmy 45 degree start, finishing full tank!  Gotta love me some AZ!


Super busy hike- a lot of people and hard to find parking, but always a killer, quick workout!

Kickin it off

I was surprised at how it seemed like stair stepping straight up rocks the entire way – lol

First triangle of the challenge

Beautiful sunny 65º weather. Rained the day before so clear clean skies. Trail nice and maintained. Foot traffic but nothing like a weekend. Solid “stair-master”…

Beautiful day for a sunset hike….

Awesome hike to do with a group. Lots of stairs and elevation gain. Super cool views from the top. A helicopter came by and said…

Like A Trip Back In Time

We began our hike around 4:30 PM so the trail was fairly busy. This was an important hike for me as it was hike #100…

Piestewa for Presidents!

A stair stepper climb!  This is a great hike if you have limited time.  We did the hike in about 2 hours roundtrip on President’s…


Lots of stairs… with the family… on President’s Day.

Pukey Piestewa

Trail conditions were good. Weather was 76 and partly cloudy. Felt great!

Pokey Piestawa

Trail conditions were great. Weather perfect. But I wasn’t feeling great. Was excited to start so I hiked anyway.

Piestewa Peak

Lots of loose rocks and the trail was VERY crowded causing delays while people waited for other people to continue up or down the trail.

Mainah hikes Piestewa Peak

2nd peak of the day. What an ass kicker. Straight up from car to summit. My legs were jelly towards the end. Great sunset from…


This hike gets me every time!  No matter what time of year or what condition I’m in, it gets me!  Although busy, the trail offers…

Piestewa Peak

Trail was good, weather was beautiful. Too many people for my liking and not enough people with their music on headphones. All together not a…

Piestewa Peak

Gorgeous day. Fun little hike. Pretty crowded and wished people used their headphones to listen to their music…like the signs suggest.

Sore knees scramble

Nice hike, very crowded. I like quiet hikes with views of mountains for miles. Great hike for the challenge and a workout, but not a…

Team RPh: Take 1

GREAT DAY with my fellow pharmacist coworkers for our first peak challenge!!  The weather was gorgeous and we climbed above the layer of smog that…

How do you say it again?

Was a surprising hike! Very crowded. We got there at about 8 and it was already packed. On the way down it was a little…

Bonus mileage

Beautiful 65 degrees and sunny.  We hiked to the summit first and then decided to add the Freedom (circumference trail).  We missed the junction of…

Peaking at Piestewa

Beautiful hike, with beautiful friends 🙍🏼‍♀️🙍🏻‍♀️🙍‍♀️ on Piestewa Peak Summit and Piestewa Peak Freedom Trails🌵. My third of six peaks in the Arizona Winter Six-Pack…

Piestewa Peak

We hiked up the main trail then came down the Freedom Loop Trail.

Piestewa Peak Sister Hike

My sister, Yani, and I hiked up Piestewa Peak and then came down and looped around the freedom trail back to the parking lot. Weather…

Grow With Power

The trail conditions were clear. The weather was beautiful. I felt great! Such a fun hike.

Piestewa Peak

A normal busy day on the trail. Perfect AZ winter day!

Piestewa Peak

Even though I’ve hiked this mountain before (and it will always be Squaw Peak to me) I always find it very difficult. The first 2…

Piestewa Peak

The trail was clean but very busy. Iove this hike because it’s challenging.


Weather was great, low 60s. Nice breeze. Trail was a little crowded since we went later (around 11a).

Piestewa Peak

I love hiking Piestewa, it is challenging enough but not too hard. Tyler and Tay went with and we all did grea . Trail was…

Squaw Peak!

The 114 floors of mountain stairs were totally worth the amazing views of the Phoenix valley. We went in January so it was a bit…

Piestawa Peak

Great quick hike. Trail is easy to follow and fairly rocky. Peak gives you some great views of Phoenix area.

I wasn’t ready!

The trail was in great condition. The weather was prefect! I’ve only been hiking about 2 months! This trail was definitely a challenge. But also…

Squaw hike

Great Hike.  Beautiful sunny day.  Trail was crowded

Wass-on Roll!

Great walker; not a difficult incline. We did the Wasson Loop.

Pretty Piestewa

Great temps for a Phoenix hike! 46 degrees when I started, and 55 at the end. A very busy trail, but everyone was cordial.


Perfect temperature (mid 50s) very crowded, great views, great hike!

Proudly Hiked Piestewa

This was really amazing but was tough after Camelback!! Got really steep at top, a little dizzy but totally worth it!!

New Year’s Eve hiking!

Night hike, first of 6. Steep, probably would have been better to do for a first time in daylight. But very fun.


Piestewa Peak.  Dec 31, 2019 @ 10AM.  Total Distance:  2.4 miles.  Elevation Gain:  1,180 ft. This is a short hike;  only a mile to the…

Piestewa Peak Climb

Gets your heart pumpin’! Select your timing wisely, lots of people on the trail. Had to wait for lines of hikers to pass by.

Stairs in Central Phoenix

Ah squaw/piestewa peak….seems like more of a staircase than a nature trail. Well, the views of the metro Phoenix area were incredible. Lots of people…

Stairs to Piestewa

Chilly start but once we got moving it was a great day for a hike.  A bit more crowded and more stairs then I typically…