Santiago Peak

Light rain with cloud mist at peak. Giant puddles and minor water crossings.

Climbing Santiago

Cold, windy and rainy but that did not stop us. All together it was beautiful. When we got to the peak the clouds were beneath…

The short cut is likely the long cut!

This was our second attempt to hike this peak.  The first time, the weather thwarted our plans,  the hotline said gate open, but it was…

SantiaGO-ing to Reach the Peak

On a picture perfect day, we managed to bag Hike #6 on The Challenge, just under the wire. The trail itself is rather ho-hum. This…

7th Peak- Santiago Peak

Christmas Eve Hiking! So sad that there is no sign on top but not crowded at all. Great time.

Santiago Peak

Pick the wrong way up… from Trabuco Creek Rd to Joplin Trail, long and steep. 13miles in total Definitely will take the holy jim trail(now…


GPS file was corrupted so wasn’t able to save the hike

Munley Climb #6

Definitely need a high clearance vehicle to get to the trail head.  Beautiful day.  No other hikers, but lots of trucks heading up.

Santiago Saturday

What a long day complete with off roading, a closed gate that added 2 extra miles to our hike and coming up to the trail…