Afternoon at Tumalo Mountain

Enjoyed a quick afternoon hike up Tumalo Mountain. Beautiful day and surprisingly not too busy for a holiday weekend. Lovely views of Bachelor throughout the…

Tumalo Mountain Hike

Short hike up to the top of Tumalo Mountain. Perfectly clear with no smoke and great views!

Tumalo mtn morning

Already logged this hike but it’s a good one. 2nd peak of the weekend. Next up….south sister overnight!


Not much of a hike but a nice view on top. Few hikers.

Tumalo Mountain

Beautiful weather and great trail conditions for the short, fairly steep,  early morning hike. Mosquitoes were prevalent in the beginning. Quite a few hikers on…

Tumalo Mountain

Nice easy hike, not far out of Bend.  In about 2 weeks the Lupine will be in full bloom.  Didn’t see any but the was…

Karen Winchell

Trail conditions were fine, of course watch out for tree roots across trail! A little hazy at top but Beautiful! I felt great????

Breathing is highly overrated

This was spur of the moment with my mom and dad. Mosquitoes were out and biting, 3-4 bites. Some patches of snow in the path.…