Mission Accomplished 😁,

This was my final hike in the challenge.  I really enjoyed each of the hikes, this one is a long walk with Saguaros and Cactus…

Wasson trek

My crazy friend and I decided to drive nearly 2 hours to Tucson so I could finish my challenge even though the temps were supposed…

Wasson Peak – 2020-04-24

Trails conditions were good. Pushing 100, so starting to get warm. Very few people on the trail.

Six Pack of Peaks-Hike 6 Wasson

This was my 6th/last hike of the challenge – due to the social distancing requirements there were very few other hikers on the trail, I…

Starting to get hot!

A nice hike. It took us a little over 3 hrs. We started at about 1:00 pm and it got a bit warm on the…

Wasson Peak

A beautiful early Sunday morning hike in solitude almost all the way to the summit. 😊

Whats up – Wasson

Was a great hike today, trails were clear and very less to minimal traffic on the trails especially if starting very early in the morning.…

Wonderful wasson

It was a beautiful day with my brother nephew and cousin. Just a great day!


Hiked Picacho right before Wasson. Legs were burning the entire way but it was a solid hike. Great views from the top!

Double Feature – Wasson Peak

Climbed Wasson and Picacho in one day to finish the challenge. Definitely glad we did Picacho before Wasson. Made Wasson seem like a long walk…

Ocotillo Heaven

After tackling Picacho Peak, I figured I would save myself another long drive and just head down to take on Wasson. I was tired going…

2nd Hike of the Day!

After hiking Picacho this hike just felt like a long, long walk. I was exhausted by the end. We saw a Gila monster which was…

Spring has come to Wasson Peak

The big highlight of this hike was seeing the beginning of spring coming into bloom. The trail itself was not difficult except for the gravel…

Wasson Peak

I didn’t notice much plant life but the Saguaro were awesome. Some of the nicest I’ve ever seen.


Started the trail but was worried a out lack of people on the trail. Was hiking by myself and will come back with some one

Number 5

The trail conditions were great and easy to follow. The weather was beautiful. I felt great.

Wasson Peak

This was a beautiful hike. I have never been to Wasson Peak and I would definitely go back. My roommate (who’s also doing the challenge),…

Wesson Peaked

It was a gorgeous day.  I have never seen so many wildflowers, saguaros, and ocotillo in such a condensed spot. Trails are well maintained. Beautiful…

Wowza Wasson Peak

How is it possible to pick a favorite hike in the challenge when each one is truly amazing?  With the long and winding road through…

Switchbacks & Petroglyph

We switchbacked  our way up the mountain. Initial part of trail was mostly gradual inclines and later part switch backs. We traveled through the washes…

Wasson Peak Hike

An uneventful early morning hike. Nice and chilly, great hiking weather. Trail is well defined and moderate due to incline. Not much to report or…

Completed the six pack

Trail conditions were good. Forecast called for rain, but I only briefly encountered showers in my way back down. I did run into a gopher…


Beautiful hike with plenty of saguaros

Wasson Peak Party

This is a pretty hike in the Saguaro National Park. Highly recommended

Wasson Peak

5/6 peaks done!  Hiked with Dani and Kati- the desert is in bloom!  There were several other hikers on the trail-  and lots of the…

Wasson your mind?

Peak 5 in my 48 hour mission. I started at dawn on Sunday after driving about 90 minutes from just outside of Phoenix. I’d never…

Wasson Peak

Hiking Wasson Peak was not hard at all.   Don’t get me wrong, it is tiring and you do work up a sweat.  You’ll be…

Wandering Wasson

Tucson has beautiful scenery amd this peak is in Saquaro National park. A nice weekend trip from Phoenix.

Wonderful Wasson

We took a girls trip to Tucson and stayed 2 nights! Beautiful hike and the weather was perfect!! First time at this peak and I…

HIking with the girls

There was 3 of us girls.  We made a weekend of it, rented a airb&b.  Enjoyed the weekend, the hike and friends.


Not too intense anywhere but pretty long. Not too crowded. $25 fee for the park.

Wandering, wind, and wildflowers

There was no one else in the parking lot by the trailhead so we thought we might be using a less popular route.  We wandered…

Wassup Wasson

Trail was about a 2 hour drive from our house so my son and I started out fairy early as it was suppose to get…

Wasson Peak

Well marked and maintained trail. Easy to follow. Very little shade. Great views at the top.

Windy Wasson Peak

Beautiful Day for a hike! Lots of Wildflowers!  Windy at the top of the peek!

Wasson Peak

Long Dessert Trail.  Not any sort of shade… glad I did it before it got too hot!  Saw coyotes!

Wasson Peak

Trail was getting maintenance during our hike, they do a great job of the upkeep of the trail.


Well maintained trail.  Moderate elevation gain.  


Moderate hike with friendly faces. Views that reminded me of Germany. Tons of wildflowers. Awesome NPS employees working on the trail. Traveling nurses and a…


Great hike. Lots of wildflowers and amazing views!

Wasson Peak

Not a bad hike.  next time will go clockwise around the loop as it appeared to provide better views that way.

The Finale – Waaon

Great finishing hike for us.  Beautiful day.  Views were gorgeous.  Sky was very pretty as well.

Wasson Peak – Leap Day Hike

Trail was in great condition, seems very well maintained.  Lots of wild flowers.  Love spending time with friends exploring Arizona trails.  Talked with a couple…

Wasssupp Wasson!

Awesome. Beautiful.  Harder terrain going up than the loop coming down.

The Windy Wasson Peak

Sunny and really windy day up to the summit. Went up the NE side on Kings Canyon Trail and back around on Hugh-Norris Trail. Lots…

Wasson Peak

This was the only hike in the challenge that I had not done before. I loved it. Beautiful weather, friendly people along the trail and…

Wasson Views

This hike was a longer hike, but not too difficult.  We loved the great views along the way and at the top.  There were parts…

What’s up Wasson Peak

Nice long hike that lasted 7 miles and took us 4 hours on a sunny day.  Nice fun hike

Wasson Peak

It was a perfect day for the hike. The weather cleared up from the day before and was warm until we got to the top.…

Wildflowers @ Wasson!

Started the hike around 11:45am on a Sunday; parking lot just beginning to fill up. Partly sunny skies, which made wildflower viewing quite lovely. Easy,…

Wasson was awesome

Started at around 11:45, finished the hike in 3.5hrs with a nice break at the top. Started out sunny and warm and by the time…

Wasson Peak

Beautiful day to hike Wasson. We started around 7:30am and were the 3rd group to the top. Everyone rolled in as we were coming down.…

Beautiful Hike

Due to the Covid-19 we were unable to hike Wasson. We did hike Elephant head in Amado Arizona.  It was harder than Wasson but a…

Elephant head Southern Arizona

Hiked Elephant Head in Amado AZ. It’s was harder than Wasson but beautiful. Thank you for counting the hike.

Adopting trail buddies

A little hotter than expected , zero shade unless you were able to hide behind a cactus lol. Lots of gravel , watch your step.…

Relentless rise

Didn’t know what to expect with this one but ended up being a beautiful day and we chose a good direction to make the loop!

Dat trip to Tucson

We did a loop and started from the back which was pretty steep so that was a bit challenging but once we got to the…


Loved hiking with the Saguaro!

Wasson Peak

Loved the beautiful desert vistas on this hike.  The Saguaro are so magnificent here, each with a personality of its own. Enjoyed hiking this area…


Beautiful hike!

Wasson Peak

This was a very nice hike in the Saquaro National Park. We did the loop as suggested instead of out and back. Glad for that…

4th Wesson Peak

This was another awesome hike!! Weather was perfect and trail wasn’t too busy. The trails were clearly marked and easy to follow. The toughest part…

Free Falling

Beautiful hike in the midst of saguaros! It was fun to explore a new hike.  We felt it was moderate to easy, finished in 2:50.

#6! Complete!

An absolutely beautiful leisurely hike. Perfect one to complete the challenge.

Sweet Water Wasson

Very pretty, The Sweet Water way in is less crowded.  Start running into people @ the junction

Wass-On! Wass-Off!

Wass-on! Wass-off! Spent the morning at Saguaro National Park and had a beautiful hike through the saguaros to Wasson Peak. A chilly morning but soon…

Wasson Trail

This was the last of our six hikes. We had a blast!

Wasson peak, 6 complete.

Second peak for the day knocked Picacho out first. Glad I did, made Wasson look like a breeze. 6/6…. now to finish the other 16…

Wasson Peak

Finished the Six Pack of Peaks today with Wasson Peak. Hiked with my brother and sister (Jim & Yani). Weather was awesome and we really…

Savoring the Desert

Absolutely beautiful hike with amazing desert flora to view up close. The initial  1 mile is crossing the desert floor, followed by an ascent through…

Wassup Wasson

Gorgeous day! Intermittent clouds. Mostly sunny. Fewer people than I expected. Breathtaking at the top!


This was a fun and easy hike. It was long but very easy. Lots of great picture moments, and even suitable for running.

Slow and steady…

The trails were nice!  All trails app helped us make sure we were taking the correct trails to the peak!  Met a few other six…

Wasson Escapade

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike!!! I would recommend reviewing a trail guide since this one is a connection of several trails…

Wasson Peak Newbs

I have been working to get in shape since August of 2019. This was a challenging hike for me personally. It was the distance that…

When it rains, we hike!

It was a damp, rainy day…perfect for a hike! Ok maybe not so much but we’re on vacation so we have to make the most…

Good day for a hike

Great hike up Wasson Peak.  Great trail and easy to follow.  Very nice 360 views at the top. Well worth the drive from Phoenix.  

Wasson Up!

Great trail!  Not technical at all.   Cloudy day allowed for a faster than normal pace.   When the sun broke……shadows were casted and all…

Wasson Peak

This was the longest hike I’ve ever done. It took us all of 4 hours to complete. Beautiful views and a beautiful trail! Feeling very…

Wasson Peak

I loved this hike. Beautiful scenary the entire trail. Even saw a red Cardinal.


Very well marked trail. Loose rocks.

Wasson Peak

We had beautiful weather for our hike to Wasson Peak. It was sunny, cool and breezy, so we never got overheated, even though we were…

The best picture day

Easy hike.. didnt feel like you need to put effort to go up.. its was a relaxing

Wasson Peak Hike/Run

Great day for a hike with a downhill run. Wonderful weather! Looks like there may have been some recent trail maintenance. Lovely afternoon.

Take the rocky path

Sunny and dry, just under 40 degrees when we started but the steady incline warmed us up fast.  Hiked this counter-clockwise to go up the…

Wasson via Sweetwater

My goal for the 2020 Six-Pack is to do each peak via a “new to me” route. There are quite a few options for Wasson,…

Mainah hikes Wasson Peak #2

Great Peak!! Beautiful trail.  Summit was 360 views. Legs were refusing to believe they were hiking again after Picacho Yestrrday.. ran into 2 other Mainers…

Was on Wasson Peak

Started about 7:00 AM, 37 degrees, perfect conditions for a very scenic hike.  Made a loop and came down King Canyon, logged about 8.5 miles.

Wassup Wasson !

Wasson Peak. Jan 01, 2020 @ 7:45AM. Total Distance: 8.2 miles. Elevation Gain: 2,080 ft.  This was my favorite of the 6POP.  Great hike on…


Fun little loop, kind of crowded, parking was challenging, but it was during holiday.

Beautiful day

Did this as a loop, Kings Canyon to Sweetwater, Esperanza, to Gould Mine.  Most of the trails were loose rock to scree, with heavy elevation…

Wasson Peak

Great day hike, takes about 3 hours at a moderate pace. Highly recommend taking the loop rather than out and back.


Could you honestly ask for a better hike? A moderate trail that offers amazing scenery, a good elevation increase and its thousands of prickly plants.…

Wasson Peak fun

It was a beautiful day for a challenging last 3/4 of the hike. Trail was in excellent condition. Saw lots of saguaro cactus and a…

Wreck it, Wasson

Perfect day for a hike! The weather was absolutely beautiful. We’re unfamiliar with the Tucson area and were able to find the trailhead no problem.…

Wasson Peak

Amazing winter hike in southern Arizona. Only encounter 4 groups, tranquil hike with moderate temperatures.

Wasson Peak

Fun trail. We went up and back on the same route.

Love the Saguaro’s!

I think Saguaro National Park just became my new favorite park! This was a really enjoyable hike, with amazing views! One thing I really liked…

Wasson Peak

Great way to spend a day after Thanksgiving. Weather was great and the view was tremendous. The last little bit before the submit was my…

Wasson Peak

Awesome hike with great friends. Amazing view from the top.

Wandering Wasson

Our original Thanksgiving plans to visit Joshua Tree NP were canceled due to the weather.  However, that did not deter our group from getting outdoors. …

Whadup Wasson!

Second time hiking Wasson Peak. This time I started from Gould Mine trailhead and looped around to finish at Kings Canyon trailhead. I liked going…


Alotta people hiking Wasson today!

Great view with too many rocks

Aside from the rocks not a difficult hike. Saw a few mine shafts which are surrounded by barbed wire. $20 to drive in which seems…

Wassup Wasson

Drove out from Southern California to do a few hikes… This is the first on the list for us. It is a perfect weather day.…

Perfect first trail

Perfect cool weather after a rain storm. Trail is moderate with beautiful 360 views. Love this trail for a good start of the 6 peaks.

Day trippin’ to Tucson

Left Phoenix around 6:30am to get an early start on the trail! Weather was absolutely gorgeous. Good breeze & overcast a majority of the way.…

One down 5 to go

Great day for a hike. Arrived at the trail head around 7am and finished at 10am. Perfect weather over cast skies.

OOPS! Wasson Peak

I just moved to Tucson this summer and haven’t hiked much in years so I thought this might be a good hike to start out.…

Number 1 of 6!

Number 1of 6 8miles in this beautiful cactus world! Stay tuned for more! This is just the beginning 😎 . . . #hikeaz #arizonahiking #wassonpeak…

Wasson Peak

Nice hike, trail was pretty easy to fallow. Good views going up the trails. Relaxing hike with open views of Tucson. Weather was hotter than…

Way Out on Wasson

Sunny Tucson Day out on Wasson Peak with King Canyon Start to Peak and back on Hugh Norris


Beautiful day a bit warm.

Hell to the no! Wasson Peak.

I got lost,  there was no reception and couldnt use maps or the All Trail application.  I made it to a Trail Head and took…


This was my favorite trail of the challenge