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  • Jeff

    December 10, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    Hi Joyce!

    San Jacinto is a great place to practice in the snow. That was one of my first snow summits. The fact that you’re going prepared to turnaround without hitting the summit is a huge factor in your favor.

    The big issue on San Jacinto is whether there is tread already established in the snow, and if it’s accurate. Navigation is much more difficult in snow.

    The other question I have: Have you had any training in how to travel in crampons and use an ice axe for self arrest? When I hiked up San J in the snow, it wasn’t frozen or crusty, so neither crampons or ice axe where required. Instead, I was post-holing. What I really needed were snowshoes.

    If the snow was frozen and/or consolidated (packed) where you didn’t sink in, I would suggest microspikes over crampons.

    You can check the Long Valley webcam to get an idea of current conditions:


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