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Founder and Organizer of the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge
Chief Adventure Officer at Social Adventures LLC
Editor of SoCalHiker.net

I'm an avid hiker, backpacker and adventurer. My first thru-hike of the John Muir Trail was in 1980. My wife and I are on the trail every chance we get.

In 2021 I'll be attempting Mount Rainier, bikepacking The Big Lonely, thru-hiking the Teton Crest Trail, and completing the Oregon Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge.


March 30, 1962


Current balance4,467
2017 Central Oregon Six-Pack Challenger2017/18 Colorado Six-Pack Challenger2017 Bergen Peak2017 Rocky Mountain2017 Birthday Peak2017 Horseshoe Mountain2017 Mount Bierstadt2017 Grays Peak2017 Colorado Rockies Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher2017 Black Butte2017 South Sister2017 Tumalo Mountain2017 Paulina Peak2017 Black Crater2017 Mount Bachelor2017 Central Oregon Six-Pack Finisher2018 SoCal Six-Pack Challenger2018 Central Oregon Six-Pack ChallengerMount UmunhumMount TamalpaisMount DiabloRose PeakMount Sizer2018 New England Six-Pack ChallengerMission Peak2018 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks FinisherMt Baldy2018 Central Oregon Six-Pack FinisherMaiden Peak2018-19 Arizona Winter Challenger2019 SoCal Challenger2019 Central Oregon Challenger2019 NorCal Challenger2019 Colorado Challenger2019 New England ChallengerPiestewa PeakCamelback MountainPicacho PeakWasson PeakFremont SaddleFlatiron2018-19 Arizona Winter Finisher2019 Tumalo Mountain2019 Arizona Summer Challenger2019 Black Butte2019 Black Crater2019 Mount Baldy2019 Mount Baden-Powell2019 Mount San Jacinto2019 San Bernardino Peak2018 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2019 Mount Bachelor2019 South Sister2019 Maiden Peak2019 Oregon Finisher2019 San Gorgonio2019 Mount Pinos2019 SoCal Finisher2020 Arizona Winter Challenger2020 Piestewa Peak2015 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher2016 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher2017 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher2019 Mount Wilson2020 Oregon Challenger2020 New England Challenger2020 PNW Challenger2020 Colorado Challenger2020 Volcan Mountain2020 Strawberry Peak2020 Sawmill Mountain2020 Sitton Peak2020 Black Butte2020 Mount Bachelor2020 Mount Monadnock2020 Gray Butte2020 Maiden Peak2020 Hot Springs Mountain2020 Cuyamaca Peak2020 SoCal Finisher2020 El Cajon Mountain2020 Mount Woodson2021 San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2021 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2020 SoCal Challenger2021 Utah Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2021 Las Vegas Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2021 PNW Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2021 Oregon Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger2021 Strawberry Peak2021 Mount Umunhum2021 Lookout Mountain2021 Black Butte2021 AZ Summer Challenger2021 Camp Muir