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I wonder if anybody reads these bio's? If you do, drop me a note saying you read this and what your favorite mountain or trail is. Mine is hands down San Jacinto Peak it was my first peak in 2015 when I took up hiking. I've summitted it at least 16 times since from six different routes.

I haven't updated this bio since 2019, so I thought maybe I should. This year, 2021 is my 6th year doing the Six Pack of Peaks Challenge. I try every year to do the challenge differently. Different routes, combination of peaks, distances, solo, groups, etc.

This year I have taken on a few additional challenges starting with the SD Six Pack of Peaks which I finished in 3 days. I also have taken on the SD 100 Peak Challenge. My goal was to complete that challenge in 100 days. It took a grueling 93 day schedule to meet that goal. Now that it is done, its back to completing the SoCal Six Pack of Peaks.

I enjoy challenges and welcome any takers that want to test their resolve and join me during some of these challenges. After completing the Six Pack, I plan to continue on with the Sierra Club SD 100 Peak Challenge (32 left), the San Jacinto Mountains 7 Peak Challenge and the San G ranges Ten Thousand Foot Ridge, so I can look out over Hells for Sure Canyon. Of course, Whitney with some friends in Sep and then what ever else I can get myself into.


Oceanside. CA


August 13, 1962